Where would I be now,

If the path I chose to tread

Had been different?


What would I be?


I could have been one with rhythm

Body graceful as it weaves with the melody

Limbs extended and strong

In sync with mind and beat


Or at a desk I could sit

Defending those who need me

Endless paper cuts on the quest for justice

A warrior in a suit


Or I could have been everything

My character changing every assignment

Crying on cue, laughing on cue, fighting on cue

Living my dreams in one lifetime


Instead I am scared

I am unsure

I take pen to paper…

The only expression of self I don’t doubt


I have confidence in the pen

The pen I never chose

I didn’t choose those roads

Now my life is here


I am here right now

The path I chose to tread is

Paved with silver spines

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