V.B. Rose – Review (re-upload)

There are some mild spoilers

So I said the next manga that I would talk about would be I Hate you More than Anyone but it’s taking me a while to translate the last few volumes so I’m going to go ahead and talk about V. B. Rose.

V. B. Rose is pretty feminine. It’s a very pretty series and it made me feel fluffy. It starts with Ageha who has a major sister complex. Her sister, Hibari, is getting married and she’s knocked up and Ageha is furious. She says a lot of things but really she’s just scared of losing her sister. Her parents however are very chill about the whole thing, which I found funny.

So Ageha kicks up a fuss and causes an incident at this bridal shop. The owner, Arisaka, kicks her out and it’s a wake up call. She then decides to help them finish Hibari’s wedding dress as Ageha is an adept seamstress. She makes handbags and other kinds of bags.

The plot focuses on that for two volumes and then after that Ageha gets offered a part-time job at the shop.

The manga is a slice of life kind of manga and it’s pretty relaxing and drama free. That was probably what I enjoyed most about the plot. There are obstacles that turn up but they’re overcome easily without drama.

I enjoy many kinds of manga but this was my first time reading a slice of life manga that was so chill. I really enjoyed it and it’s a great series to read and to relax to. It’s also great if you love fashion, design and being creative. The characters are all creative and bring something to the table. The manga shows how you can use your skills to make other people’s dreams come true. It also shows the reality of a creative person’s working life.

There were some plot points however that I thought were useless. Nagare for example. He was interested in Ageha and a kind of love triangle is attempted. The only thing is Ageha has no interest in him whatsoever and when he confesses she doesn’t even acknowledge it. It kind of made me wonder, “What was the point of that storyline?”

The Romance

I enjoyed this the most.

Ageha and Arisaka:

I don’t know what it is about Banri Hidaka but she always pairs an older guy with a high school girl. Not in a creepy way or anything, as they’re always of legal age, but it’s interesting. It’s kind of like in Fruits Basket with Tohru’s mom and dad. So at the beginning of the series Ageha is 16 and Arisaka is 22. There is an attraction but nothing happens until half way through the series. I guess Nagare served the purpose of getting Ageha and Arisaka together.

They’re a cute couple. Once they confess and start dating they have a chill relationship. They have their dramatic moments but other than that they work well together. It was interesting to read. It didn’t move me as much but I did enjoy the cuteness.

Ichihashi and Kuromine:

These two were hot. I don’t care what anybody says. It was a bit of a twist finding out how they started and their childhood romance. I feel that they had the most developed relationship. They also had the most awesome ceremony. The weddings in this manga tended to be Western style but Kuromine and Ichihashi’s had a traditional Japanese wedding and I loved it. I love seeing how other cultures do their weddings.

As I said they were hot. Mangas can tend to be PG and so they don’t really kiss or anything or not much but wow they certainly kissed. Perhaps Banri was writing for an older audience. Although now that I think about it Fruits Basket wasn’t that PG either.

Anyway I enjoyed their romance a lot. It was great when Kuromine finally let his guard down and we got to see how he really felt.

Those are my thoughts on V. B. Rose. Have you read the series, will you? I highly recommend it.

Until next time,

Happy reading.


If you’re wondering why I’m reuploading I deleted my secondary and I transferred the posts here. 

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