Parents Suck in Fruits Basket? (spoilers)

This post contains spoilers.

Is it just me or do most of the parents in Fruits Basket suck? Many of the main characters suffer because of the actions of their parents. As I mentioned in my Fruits Basket post it goes to show how much power a parent has over a child’s future. However Fruits Basket also shows that all hope is not lost. You can overcome the scars given to you by your parents.

So what lessons can we learn from the characters in Furuba? Let’s first look at…


Kyo was born cursed by the cat, arguably the worst curse as he’s rejected by his family and he has to hide in the normal world. His parents were ashamed of him because of the stigma that the cat curse brought.

However it was more the father who was ashamed. It’s such a sad story. The mother tried to protect Kyo but it just came off as if she was ashamed of him. The father just outright hated him and berated the mother for the child. It was so sad and it was even sadder when the mother’s suicide was blamed on Kyo.

However Kyo’s scars end up being healed by Kazuma dono and Tohru. Kazuma becomes his father and I thought that was beautiful. He knew how he used to think and how he’d treated the previous cat, his grandfather, so he knew how to treat Kyo. If Kyo had not received that love I don’t think he would have been healed. He may have ended up in a very dark place.

Yuki and Ayame

Their parents were obsessed with high status. Yuki, as the rat, brought what they wanted and they traded him for their status. They let him be emotionally abused so that they could live a good, wealthy, life. They abandoned him.

With Ayame they never accepted him for who he was and I guess that must have hurt Ayame as they made him feel like a screw up.

However Yuki is able to grow and to overcome his shortcomings with the help of Tohru. He’s also saved from that room by Hatsuharu. Despite what he went through or because of what he went through he has a kind and loving character. Ayame managed because he created a world for himself outside of the Sohma.

It’s interesting actually; both brothers saw freedom outside and took it.

Isuzu ‘Rin’ Sohma

She was born cursed of the horse. Really the parents complained for no reason. Rin did not have a bad or a good curse, she was in the middle. Plus they got money for having her anyway. I’m sorry but they pissed me off!

They lived this perfect life but it was all fake and then when Rin asked why they were always happy they snapped and abused her. It was so sad! She got sick and instead of being concerned they told her not to come back home. Imagine the horror she felt.

I don’t understand why people have kids if they’re not going to love it no matter what.

Again Hatsuharu came to the rescue. He defended her and he loved her with all his will. He didn’t fill all the holes but Tohru was able to give her that parental comfort she sought. She’s able to be healed by kind people like Haru, Tohru and Kazuma.


I don’t know if his mom sucks but I was disappointed. I mean it is something hard to swallow but I feel like Momiji deserved better. Okay so his mom wanted her memory erased but why did his father abandon him? Making him live by himself, denying him his sister. I mean why not just disappear out of his life all together?

However Momiji has great inner strength and he has Hatori. He’s able to overcome his mother’s rejection and his living circumstances and he brings sunshine to those around him. He’s an inspiration.


Where to start with Akito? I feel like her parents really messed her up!

If the mom didn’t want kids there’s something called protection, use it!

It’s so sad to think that the mom never loved her and was jealous of her own child. Like woman, love your child! Maybe you three could have been happy together did you think of that? No, she didn’t. She selfishly just wanted Akira’s love all to herself.

Then the father didn’t really see Akito. He saw the curse and he saw Ren but he didn’t see Akito and he set her on a path destined for destruction. I feel like he had a warped view of the world because he knew he was dying and that was a shame for Akito.

Akito overcomes it via the meddling of Shigure and his love. She also overcomes it by the meddling of Tohru and her love.


I’m surprised at her parents. Kyoko did not have a curse. She was a normal person but her parents still sucked. At least her dad did. She felt lonely and unloved in her household. She made bad friends and went off the track. She then tried to better her life and her parents kicked her out and disowned her. And when she had bettered her life and had Tohru they wanted nothing to do with her still!

What horrible parents. Kyoko regretted asking her mother why she had had her but you can understand why that question came up. Why did they? If they didn’t have the unconditional love for a child why did they? And if the mom wasn’t going to stand up to the dad why did she?

It’s a sad question but it had to asked I feel.

She’s healed by Katsuya. He understands her loneliness and he loves her for who she is. She’s also healed by Tohru and being a mother. She’s a great character as she learned from her mistakes and her parent’s mistakes and helped others in similar situations to hers.

With each case you can see how someone’s love can undo the damage of someone’s hate. It’s inspiring.

Even though they all had hard childhoods they are able to overcome. That’s a good lesson to learn.


Parents who don’t suck in Furuba: Hiro’s, Hatsuharu’s, Kazuma, Kisa’s, Ritsu’s, Hanajima’s and Kagura’s… oh and of course Tohru’s.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one.  

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