Hidden Gem: Nu’est – I’m in Trouble

Much like the title of their song I feel like I’m going to be in trouble. When I say hidden gem I don’t mean this song is hidden or a flop or whatever, I just mean it’s a song I missed for whatever reason. It’s rare that I miss title tracks so I don’t know why I missed this comeback, YouTube must not know of my love for Nu’est. I need to follow them on something because they’ve found their sound and they keep building on it and I love it.

Nu’est is a group I got to know way back when I first got into Kpop. The first song I liked was Face and then Action (check them out) and then after Sleep Talking I’ll admit I didn’t like the comebacks and so I got distracted by other groups.

However Overcome and Déjà vu got my attention again. I heard those songs and I was reminded why I was attracted to Nu’est in the first place. So I wouldn’t call myself a LOVE as I haven’t been a loyal fan. I’m more of a casual fan.

However since Déjà vu I have loved their comebacks. I really like their sound. It’s like they’ve grown up and found their grown and sexy voice and I’m here for it.

So about I’m in Trouble I like it. It is sexy! Oh my goodness there is something about this song that is just sexy! Maybe it’s because they are feeling themselves. Yes that’s it, they are feeling themselves and that confidence and manliness really transcends time and space to reach me.

It is also funky and that is not a criticism. I like funk, I would like more funk. I like how they mixed it in with their sound. It just adds something and takes the song up another level.

Honestly I’m not even exaggerating how much I liked this song. I was trying to read the lyrics so I could make this post but I kept dancing and not paying attention. So yes, the song is right up my alley.

I did not get the music video though. Are they meant to be spies? Are they competing against each other? Was it a heist? After this post I’ll watch their promotions (the shows they’ve appeared on) so perhaps they’ll explain it in one of those videos but as of right now, I don’t get it.

I did get the lyrics though. Yes I eventually stayed still long enough to read them. So they’re catching feelings when they’re not supposed to be catching feelings. This relationship seems to be one where games are played especially the push and pull game and the girl is good at it but they suck and they’ve caught feelings hence they’re in trouble.

You know who else is in trouble, me. My husband Baekho, yes I said husband, Mr Dongho Kang. He is so fine! I mean he is what I like in a guy, strong and manly but not a douche. I mean just take me sir, take me. And his voice! Umm! He is doing it for me but that’s not new, he’s my husband after all. I mean he’s been my bias since I first listened to them in 2013.

However apart from Baekho, JR and Aron actually managed to catch my eye. Normally Baekho has a strong hold of my attention but JR and Aron were feeling themselves and caught my eye. They really were and that blond hair could have gone very wrong for Aron but it didn’t, he’s working it.

Ok I shall close Gift thirst hours. I’m revealing too much!


I loved the song.


So I’d like to listen to their albums and I may come back with a post on my favourite Nu’est B side tracks, the same what I’ve done for NCT, Red Velvet and Exo. So look forward to that.

Until next time,


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