Uncharted Skies, Endless Seas

Empty and clear

Blue and light

The only obstruction being clouds

But they too are free

They move with the wind, never in one place for long


Expressive in its emotion

With each flash of light

And shadow of darkness

I know where I stand

Never in doubt about the intentions of the above


As I drift laying on my back

Gazing above

Lulled by the waves

Life can be slow, life can be sweet

Alone with only my Nakama, life can be peaceful


All of a sudden thunderclaps

The sea churns and I’m thrown around

But I understand, I am in your domain

I have to learn to ride the waves, finesse the surf


Who needs land when I have freedom

Who needs romance when I have freedom




What do I need when I have uncharted skies,

And endless sea ahead of me to explore?

I long for the sea

I long for the air

I long for the freedom

For the day I can set out in my tiny boat

With a strawhat and the will of D


Gift Ruremesha

(*slight ode to One Piece)

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