Shikamaru Nara – A Brief Character Study (re-upload)

Spoilers Spoilers Read All About It!

Welcome to my third instalment of my Naruto character studies and today I shall be talking about my favourite character Shikamaru!

Shikamaru starts off lazy! His catchphrase being, “what a drag” as you know. But even though he was like that, I liked him. He was a realistic kid. Who wants to go around doing ninja work when you can chill and play? Honestly I related to him as a kid, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

But then the chunin exams rolled around and it turned out man was smart! You don’t know how hard I fell in love with the character! I love a good strategic battle. I remember being completely surprised by the outcome of Shikamaru’s first duel, man blew me away. I’m telling you kids, smart is sexy.

Another thing that I enjoy about Shikamaru is that he’s above the whole Sasuke drama. After a while I was sick of Sasuke, once he killed his brother it was like he didn’t know what to do so he just made stupid decisions one after the other. I got that he was mad at Konoha for what they made Itachi do but after defeating Kaguya he was still full of hatred… had he learnt nothing from Madara and Kaguya? So it was refreshing for me to have characters like Gaara and Shikamaru be like, “I don’t care, I will take you down if needs be, Naruto and Sakura are the only ones who care.”

After Asuma’s death Shikamaru really matured. We got to see the serious side of him and the caring side of him. He’s an intensely loyal character that is also kind hearted. He was raised right and honestly he was a joy to watch and read.

Shadow stitching is a hard jutsu to master and to utilize and so it makes sense that the Nara are smart. They have to be smart to use their jutsu otherwise how would they trap people. I like jutsus that are hard to use because then you have to be creative and that’s fun.

It’s cute how his life emulates his father’s in a way. He married a loud woman, had a son and served his country. All I need from him now is a daughter, to see what she’d look like and I’m golden.

I don’t like Boruto but out of the characters on the show Shikadai is one of my favourites. He’s not a photocopy of Shikamaru; he does things differently than Shikamaru did. Inoiji and him don’t have that tight of a bond and he’s not as intensely lazy. It’s interesting to see how the third generation will turn out.

Who is your favourite character?

Next shall be Rock Lee!

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