My Hero Academia! I caught up…

So as the title says I caught up My Hero Academia and I like it… sort of. I decided to do videos on my thoughts for my YouTube channel. Yes I do have one, it goes by the same name as my blog.

So I have a video where I talk about my overall thoughts, a video about my favourite ships, one about my favourite characters and one about my thoughts on the villains.


In my villains video I completely forgot to talk about Dabi and Himiko Toga!!! My bad, here are my thoughts and I’ve kept spoilers out so I talk around it without giving it away. It’s difficult…. phew.

So there are theories about Dabi going around at the moment and I do not agree with them. For one thing his flames are blue and for another thing Endeavour felt nothing when seeing him. Also the way they talk about the other person makes it seem like that person is completely gone. Soooo yeah… not Dabi.

And Toga she’s got the whole thing of her power being taboo and it’s what lead her down the evil path because of the way people perceived and treated her. I call bull on that because Shinsou has an “evil” power or a power that could be used for evil but he never did because he chose not to.

However instead of being disgusted at the bird incident they could have given a talk about life and the importance of it. So I do agree that they went wrong there. Otherwise I think there’s something more wrong with her than just her quirk.

Also with Twice… I feel he was the most wronged by society. He could have been a good guy but his life kept getting screwed up by a mishandling of the situation. So he’s the only one, him and Tomura I personally feel who can actually be mad at society. BUT we don’t know Dabi’s backstory yet.

Feel free to disagree with me btw.

For more of my thoughts here is the video:

Now that I’ve caught up with the manga I’m going to watch the anime as the anime looks cool and they expand on fight scenes and character friendships and I enjoy that.

For some things it’s easier to make videos and so that’s why I have my YouTube channel. 

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