WayV – Awaken the World (Album Review)

WayV have comeback and with a whole album, their first album! The ones before were mini albums so this is the first full album. There are nine songs and one interlude. You know it’s real when there’s an interlude.

Let’s dive right in to the review!

Turn Back Time

When the song started I thought I wasn’t going to like it but psych I do! In particular it was the chorus that won me over and the way the parts weaved into each other. For example, the second verse which starts with the rap line and then seamlessly switches to the vocal line. It’s not awkward and just works well.

And of course the harmony, SM artists never disappoint on that front and I appreciate that.

I also like the music video as there was a story and each member had a prison… I think. I mean Winwin was in chains on a chair, Kun was in a white room that was beaten up with claw marks and broken mirrors, Yangyang was chilling in a graffiti filled room, Hendery was living that mermaid life in a well/water tank and Xiaojun was stuck in a boiler room. Oh Lucas, he was abandoned in the middle of a tall building with no way down and with his wings cut off or injured or something. Now Ten was in a room with TVs and then he frees them all… so he’s never in a prison type place?

Is this a one mv storyline or are they going to carry it on? The way the mv ended suggests they may carry it on.

As I am not the type to analysis mvs I won’t be doing that. I just enjoyed the effort, the high quality production and mermaid Hendery.

The dance is also really good. Every element of it I love. Honestly, no complaints.

As for meaning of the song I got that it was about breaking limits to reach their potential. In that they’re not limiting themselves or allowing others to hold them down. So it has a good message.

I had more to say than thought… onwards!

Bad Alive

It is different this song. When I first heard it I was like, “Oh?” It is very electronic but not in an EDM way. There’s something old school about it that I can’t put my finger on it. It reminds me of something.

It’s very rhythmic and addictive. It’s one of those songs that if you listen to it once it’ll be in your head for the rest of the day.

But what is about? Are they flexing or are they dissing someone?


I think this song is about love. I think…

I really like the song melodically. It has a really good chorus and nice harmonies. Also the background sounds in the second verse are really fun. They diversify the listening experience.

But legitimately my favourite part was the chorus.

After Midnight

This song for me is the feeling of dancing in my room at night, that free feeling. The lyrics reflect that feeling too, like imagine coming home from a long hard day and just dancing your stress and worries away.

It is exactly my kind of dance song. It allows for feels and dancing and enjoyment. It just has that vibe that I like.

As soon as I listened to this song it was an instant favourite, instant!


It is a bit weird for me to talk about the interlude but I liked it so why not? It’s electronic and melodic, with a violin splashed in there. It’s simple but effective.

I actually quite enjoyed it.

Only Human

This one is done by the rap line only. They’re really popping off.

It wasn’t what I was expecting. It is very sentimental, introspect, it got me thinking. It reminds me of Epik High or some of MIB’s sombre songs. It’s like they’re talking about their inner thoughts and feelings and just airing it out.

Also when I first got into WayV I did not expect Hendery to be a rapper and to be the kind of rapper that he is. He has a distinctive style already.

He and Yangyang wrote their own stuff this album, which is cool. It adds to the authenticity of the music. I look forward to hearing more from them and to seeing how they’ll grow.

Again like After Midnight I liked this one on sight or rather first listen.


At this point I started to realise all the love songs have an edge to them and this one too. Are they talking about a toxic relationship?

Well the girl is breaking them down piece by piece… so I guess it is toxic? I am unsure.

The tone of the song is sombre-sultry. *she nods satisfied* Yes, sombre-sultry.

I like it!

Up from here

We do a total 180 in tone with this song! It wakes you up! It makes sure you’re still paying attention! Like hello, are you there?!

Finally it’s a happy love song! *cries tears of joy* I’m kidding but really though sometimes I wonder who hurt the songwriters or if they’re just drawing inspiration from film and books… anyway this one is happy.

Ooh and the pre chorus had this interesting descending sound that I liked. Again it was fun to listen to. Whoever produced these songs, thank you!

Electric Hearts

Electric Hearts carries on what Up From Here started in terms of tone so it really was only up from there… get it? I’ll see myself out.

Anyway it’s another happier love song.

It’s a club banger type but the type that I don’t hate.

Also Ten really shines in this song. It suits his voice to a T. *chef’s kiss*

Stand by Me

This song gave me 90’s. This song gave me cheese. This song gave me, “This goes out to you, my fans!” vibes!

I don’t hate it but it has a different vibe from the rest of the album. It’s a very cherry song.

I definitely feel like this song is dedicated to the nctzens who stan WayV. Also to those who have supported them along the way and believed in them. They have a close relationship with their staff and each other so it could be to all of them.

It lives up to its title really in the lyrics.

It’s a song that leaves you with a warm feeling. It’s friendly and just yeah warmth personified.


So that’s all ten tracks. Out of the ten my favourites have already jumped out *cough* After Midnight and Only Human *cough*.

All in all it is a very solid first album. There are no trash songs, they flow well together, the lyrics are good and they went all out with the title track. I’m satisfied like I managed the group.

A 5 out of 5 from me.

What did you think?

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