Appearances can be Deceiving

Have you ever met someone that completely exceeded your expectations? That’s a broad question I feel like you can all say yes. But what about someone who is nothing like what they look like?

For example a person who looks tough and rough but then is the softest person in the world and it’s not an act, they’re genuinely soft. Or someone who looks too perfect for this world or fits all the beauty standards but has the weirdest personality. Or someone who has a young face but the personality of a truck driver.

I’m sure you’ve all met people like this. I personally find it so fascinating! The tough looking person who is soft is a nice surprise and the perfect looking person who is weird is a fun surprise, it honestly makes me like them more than their good looks ever could. But the one that fascinates me the most is the youthful and innocent looking face with the personality of a marine.

I think people like that are so salty and no I don’t mean the modern definition for that term. I mean like they’re flavourful. I just want to sit there and get to know them better and watch them shock people with their personality.

In Kpop this happens a lot. Kpop is so polished and controlled that sometimes it takes a while to see the true personality of the celebrities. All of them are good looking, we can agree on that, but their personalities can sometimes be the exact opposite of what they project and when they start to reveal their true personalities it’s like wow. I personally like it as you get to see the human side of them.

Of course there are people who are themselves from the beginning but we’re not talking about them right now.

Sometimes you also get to see their personality from the music they make and the lyrics they write. A lot of people think Kpop is very innocent when in fact it’s not. I think some things get lost in translation so the risky songs sometimes fly under the radar.

A group like NCT did not fly under the radar with their lyrics. When I wasn’t into them I had an image of them in my mind but when I listened to their songs and got to know them better I was like wow, they completely exceeded my expectations.

Mark Lee for example has the most baby face. Recently he’s started to look more mature but really he’s blessed with a forever young and innocent face but then man’s not innocent and that shocked me and fascinated me at the same time.

But then again I can’t talk. Apparently I have the same effect on people. When people first get to know me they think, “She’s so innocent and sweet.” I know this because friends of mine who’ve become very close tell me this. They then say that when they truly got to know me they realised their first impression was a lie, a complete lie.

I find it hilarious because I don’t see my face and so I don’t have that imagine of myself. I know I’m not innocent and I know I can be blunt and as sharp as a knife (with words). However having said that I too look at myself sometimes and think, “My face doesn’t match my personality.”

So are you like me and Mark, does your face not match your personality? Or are you the opposite and your face does indeed match your personality?

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