Let’s Talk About Chopper – One Piece (re-upload)


When we first met Tony Tony Chopper it was sad. That arc was melancholy, I don’t know if it was because their island was in constant winter or what but that’s how I felt.

Chopper’s story was so sad. I mean first he ate the forbidden fruit by accident, the hito hito no mi fruit, and then the other reindeer rejected him because they knew he was no longer completely an animal. However before that he was rejected because he had a blue nose. How rude were those reindeer eh? He was treated as a monster by all who came across him even though he meant them no harm. Then he had a friend in Hiluluk but he was dying and then Chopper poisoned him by accident but he was dying anyway. Kureha then took him in at Hiluluk’s bequest. That’s when he meets the Strawhats and of course they react to him in a way no else has before.

It was heart-warming. It was like the Strawhats brought life back to Drum Island. They saw him for who he was and for who he could be.

I’m also struck by how young Chopper is. He’s the youngest in the crew and sometimes I forget but then I remember and I’m like “Dang, he’s been through a lot and he’s a baby!” It also makes sense why he’s so cute and emotional, he’s still growing. Honestly if I was on the crew I would treat him the same way Robin does.

Also what’s wrong with him being cute? I know it was amped up after the time skip but I took it as Chopper accepting himself for who he was and choosing not to tone it down anymore. He says this in reference to his new monster point but I think it applies to his cute appearance too.

Did anyone else cry when they succeeded in the experiment and the cherry blossoms fell down? Or when they finally defeated Warpol? Or when Dalton stopped him from fighting Warpol’s army needlessly after Hiluluk’s death? I swear the Drum Island arc is underrated, it had some of the most heartfelt moments ever!

All in all I like Chopper. He’s cute and shy and he receives compliments weirdly. He’s everyone’s baby and yet he takes care of them all as he’s their doctor. The duality in him makes him an interesting character.

I miss him fighting though. It’s been a while since Chopper has had a big battle. I mean he’s important as he’s the doctor so he can’t get too hurt but dang it, let my man fight!

With the Wano arc one hope I have is that he’ll be able to heal all those who were affected by the defective SMILE fruits. Wouldn’t that be awesome? If anyone can do it, it’s him and Law.

What do you like about Chopper?

Next shall be Nico Robin!


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

Because it’s Chopper, PINK!!!!

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