Hitake Kakashi – A Brief Character Study (re-upload)


Welcome back to my character study series and today I shall be talking about Hitake Kakashi.

Kakashi is like an onion, you think you know him but you don’t. There are many layers to him.

When we first meet him he’s a bit mysterious and a bit of a hard ass and it isn’t explained why until later. His life experiences really shaped who he is in the present day.

First there was his experience with his father. His father disobeyed protocol and went back to get fallen members. However no one thanked him, the people he rescued weren’t grateful either, he was shamed for doing the right thing and ended up committing suicide because of it leaving Kakashi alone. Imagine him finding his father like that, it was so sad; add on to the fact that he was the only family he had.

Then Kakashi decided one must never break the rules. It’s at this point that he meets Obito. Obito is about friendship and never leaving a friend behind. He’s optimistic but not that skilled, he’s like Kakashi’s anti. But then he dies to protect his unit. Through his death Kakashi learns what it is to protect.

Although he does not manage to protect Rin due to meddling Madara (can’t stand that guy).

So in all he lost his father, his comrades and then he loses his teacher Minato to the nine tails (and Obito). That’s a lot of tragedy for one person to go through and it makes sense why he joined the Anbu.

But what of his time in the Anbu? Guy was worried he was losing his humanity and so suggested he have a unit to lead. I feel that Guy saved him. Through all his trials Guy was there and he has always been there. Guy’s positivity had a good effect on Kakashi’s life.

Kakashi is still a bit of a loner but now he’s out and about, he shows that he cares; he’s wise because he’s been through it all. He knows the value of friendship and he knows how corrupt Konoha can be. At first I was not for him being the next Hokage but looking back he really was the best choice. Shikaku called it.

He is the rock of the series.

Next up shall be the OG’s: the Senju’s and the Uchiha’s.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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