Reoccurring People in Dreams

The concept of reoccurring dreams is not a new one. They are very common as are reoccurring nightmares. We even see them in the bible plaguing kings and rulers.

But have you ever had reoccurring people in your dreams? For me I have people who constantly pop up in my dreams. It was sweet at first but now I’m worried for my brain, why do they keep popping up?

So the people who continue to make guest appearances are classmates and former friends from my primary school. It would make sense if it was my primary school best friend who kept popping up but she does not.

At first it was the same handful of friends who made a big impact on me but who I wasn’t extremely close to like my best friend or my best guy friend. Then it narrowed in on this one guy.

I later realised through self-reflection that I had a crush on that guy when I was in primary school and yet I didn’t know it. How is that possible? I don’t know. I must have just ignored my feelings for him when I was young or perhaps I just didn’t understand them until I was older.

Or rather I was so infatuated with one guy that I failed to notice when I genuinely fell for another.

So after I realised that I thought, aha now he will not appear in my dreams again! I was wrong. He still pops up from time to time.

And the dreams aren’t sexual or anything weird. He just pops up in dreams where I need help in a situation or when I need comfort or just randomly for an adventure or something zany.

It is the oddest thing and after the hundredth time it happened I decided I have to write about this because who knows, maybe you have experienced this too or perhaps you have the answer as to why this happens.

So have you experienced this? Do you have people from your past constantly pop up in your dreams?

I wonder if it’s because he is no longer in my life. As the closer I am to someone and the more I see them in real life the less they appear in my dreams.


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