Can Friends Remain Friends?

So I’m re-watching Friends for the third time and a thought popped into my head, what if they had all remained just friends? What if Rachel and Ross never went out? What if Monica and Chandler never went out? What if they never kissed each other either all of them?

Did you know they’ve all kissed each other at least once bar Monica and Ross as they’re siblings?

How different would the show have been if they had remained truly just friends? Is it even possible? Can men and women remain friends?

When Harry Met Sally says no. I say 30% yes 70% no.

I have both male and female friends. Of my male friends I have only ever had 20% not make a move. I’m really glad for that 20% as well because I was beginning to think men and women couldn’t be friends.

When I was a teenager I thought 100% yes men and women can be just friends and never fall for each other but as I got older I realised someone always falls for the other. It’s mostly the guys too.

Even when I talk to my friends about it they say the same thing.

So then I was thinking how cool it would be if there was a show like Friends where the characters remained platonically friends for the entire series.

I mean think of Ross and Rachel. They had both come out of pretty big relationships. Ross loved Carol and then he meets Rachel and almost instantly falls in love with her. He was in love with her as a teenager sure but he goes from mourning Carol to pining for Rachel real quick.

On Rachel’s side the progression is not too fast or slow, it’s pretty standard.

Then there’s Monica and Chandler… ok, confession I love them. I love how their relationship develops. They always had chemistry and cared about each other in way that was different. I was always rooting for them. I can’t think of them not being together especially when they had the healthiest marriage on the show.

I kind of wish only Monica and Chandler had been endgame. When I re-watched Friends the second time I realised I don’t like Ross and Rachel. Ross is the whole Nice Guy™ and is super annoying. He honestly grated on my nerves but that’s not why I didn’t want them to be together.

I honestly think they worked well on paper but in reality they weren’t a good couple. I think they knew that which is why they never truly got back together. If Friends wasn’t a show and just real life they would have moved on with their lives and married other people and been happy.

So it was nice for the fans when they got back together on the last episode but I wish they would have stayed apart.

In fact, more than that I wish they didn’t have that whole on and off again dynamic. I can understand sleeping together after breaking up as people do that but ten years of pining and the on and off again dynamic…? That’s exhausting.

It should have been a clean break.

Also in real life, one of them would have gotten fed up and moved on. Love is great but no amount of love can keep you holding on that long unless you’re Ted Mosby and he is not a good example that you should follow.

Also I would have liked it if Joey and Phoebe never kissed or had their little romance teasing moments. Oh that’s reminded me I almost forgot, what was Rachel and Joey?!

I know there are people who loved them but it was like, do they all have to date each other? Can’t they just be friends?

That brings me back to my title. We’re obsessed with dating as a society and we value romantic relationships more than platonic ones but platonic ones can be just as fulfilling and rewarding. If there was any show that could have shown that it would have been Friends.

Even if Monica and Chandler still got together but the others didn’t that would have been amazing, a great storyline and realistic. (As there’s sometimes one couple that comes out of a friendship group in real life).

Will there ever be a show where this happens? Where the character start as just friends and end as just friends?

What do you think?

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