They’re Not Us

I’ll just jump right in.

One thing that bothers me about alien movies or discussions about alien life and planets that could inhabit life is that we always assume they would need all the things that we need.

But why do we do this?

I mean on our own planet we have fish and we have plants. Plants need sunshine, nutrients from the soil and water. They can also reproduce with themselves and rely on bees and other animals and the wind to spread their pollen. Do humans do this? No! And yet we acknowledge that plants are living things.

How about fish? They have gills so that can breathe underwater. They lay eggs and then the male fish comes along and fertilises it. In fact we don’t even know everything about all the creatures of the ocean because the deep and other areas are still mysteries! (Am I the only one creeped out by that? What’s down there? At one point I thought giant squids were the scariest and now I laugh at that naïve thought).

Do we lay eggs? Do we have gills? Can we survive underwater?


So on our own planet there are many different species of living things that exist in a totally different way to us. I mean take sea urchin, I did not know they could move or where living till I watched Blue Planet. I also didn’t know star fish were carnivorous *shudders*.

So then when talking about planets possibly having life why do we only consider planets that are just like ours? What if there are beings that survive off carbon monoxide? What if there are beings that can live on a gas giant?

Just because we haven’t found them yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We’ve established there are many other galaxies so why are we so caught up on finding a planet like our own?

Is it because we want to move because we wrecked our own planet? (Although we? I’m not going to include myself in this… yes, I would sell y’all out to the aliens).

Here’s another thing why do we assume they’d be violent? For all we know we could be the most violent and petty beings in the universe.

Also why do we always imagine them looking humanoid. Aren’t we a little too vain? (Again with the we, although this time I include myself. It’s hard to come up with something new and completely off the wall when thinking about what aliens would look like).

Even Sci-Fi rarely has beings that are completely different from humans. I can only think of Jabba the hutt right now.

But what if there are beings that don’t need legs or arms and don’t touch the ground when they move? What if there are beings that don’t communicate in the way we do? There are so many possibilities and yet I feel like we’re stuck on one idea.

If there are any scientific articles where they explore this topic please send them my way and I will gladly read them. I’m genuinely interested.

So yes, I think that aliens exist. I mean there’s no way there are that many galaxies in the universe and we’re the only living beings. It makes no sense. It’s just that we haven’t found them or in my personal opinion perhaps they don’t want to be found.

Another thing I’ve seen is scientists being like they couldn’t possibility know about us I mean they, aliens, don’t have the technology. Are we really that vain? Do we really think we’re the only smart ones? Do we really think we have the best technology when we can’t make things without destroying the environment?

This turned into a rant but what I’m trying to say is, let’s think outside of the box. Aliens are not going to be humans 2.0, they’re going to be something completely different and unique and will blow our minds.

Actually, I think we’re not ready to meet aliens. We’re definitely not ready.

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