Let’s Talk About Jimbei – One Piece (re-upload)


We’ve known about him for a long time. The Fishman who was also a shichibukai. He was always a badass (along with Arlong). He had the Fishman fighting style and elegant dress sense; he also had a profound sense of justice.

Then he left his position and we found him in a cell with Ace. We all know what happened to Ace *sheds a thug tear*. It was sad that none of the Strawhats were with Luffy in that time of grief but he wasn’t alone, Jimbei was there. He counselled him and reminded him that he wasn’t alone. He fulfilled his promise to Ace and brought him back from the brink. That was emotional for me, more than Ace’s death. It was so hard watching Luffy crack like that, the ever strong Luffy, but Jimbei was there, the solid rock he always is.

For that alone I’ll love Jimbei forever.

Then we went to Fishman Island and it was a trip. The amount of issues that were tackled there was amazing. It was a creative way to tackle racism, segregation and overcoming hatred.

There were so many profound moments: he apologised to Nami for not stopping Arlong and Nami forgave him, he asked Luffy for help and he gave blood to a human. I mean just that part where they said they looked different on the outside but had the same blood, chills man. It touched me and I love that Oda tackled such issues in his manga.

After that Jimbei then risked himself to help Luffy with Big Mom. This man has done so much for the crew already and he’s barely joined. I was sad about him leaving the Sun Pirates (their history though with Fisher Tiger… I got attached and even felt bad for and understood why Arlong was so full of hate. He was still wrong for what he did though) but I’m excited for their new leader and for his new adventures with Luffy… to Wano!

That’s it for the Strawhat posts (I made it!)!

Next shall be Trafalgar D. Water Law. Yeah that’s right, I wrote his full name! I love this guy.


Update: I wonder what happened to him whilst he was holding Big Mom off. I feel like he’s got some invisible injury. I mean, doesn’t she take age…? 

If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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