Hidden Gem: Seventeen – Left and Right

I can’t believe I missed this comeback! I would have loved it as well.

So this song came out a month ago when they had their comeback (obviously) and I missed it! I don’t know how, I knew they were coming back and yet I missed the comeback *face palm*. That was a slow month blogging wise though so it makes sense.

Anyway I saw a reaction video and I decided to watch the music video first before I watched the reaction and I really like the song. I especially like the music video.

It’s funny in an understated way. It shows their character and their playfulness as a group.

I also enjoyed the laid back dance. It added to the vibe of the music video and it truly makes you feel like you can dance along, to the chorus anyway, the verses are as complicated as ever.

I quite liked the message of the music video too that you should try your best in everything and if you fail then oh well, dust yourself off, stand up and carry on. (I feel like S.Coups’ arc captured that the best).

I feel like we all need to hear that at some point in our lives. Unless you’re someone who deals with failure well then perhaps you don’t need this message.

It’s added to my list of favourite Seventeen title tracks. Seventeen has this quality that keeps drawing me back in. They’re playful one minute and then serious and artsy the next minute. I love both sides of them and so their comebacks are always something I look forward to.

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