Music Corner: Kang Daniel – Waves ft. Simon Dominic, Jamie

I know Who U Are is more recent but Waves is my favourite! I love this song already. In fact it was an instant like, like how I instantly liked Nu’est’s I’m in Trouble.

It’s not hype, it’s pretty chill but the beat… that reggaeton beat hits. It’s not just the beat either but the way they ride that beat that hits.

Simon Dominic and Jamie are featuring on this song technically but as people have said it feels more like a collaboration. All three have equal parts in the song and their styles work well together… *chef’s kiss*.

It was nice to see Jamie in another song. She’s left JYP now and if you’re confused as to who she is, she used to go by her Korean name Jimin but now goes by Jamie and she used to be a part of 15& under JYP. She’s now left and she’s doing the music that suits her as an adult.

She’s confident, has a beautiful voice and she can rap. She’s got this edge to her that we didn’t get to see much in her music before that is able to come out now.

Simon Dominic honestly killed his verses. His rap style just went so well with the song, with the beat and with Jamie’s and Daniel’s singing. It’s safe to say I was satisfied.

And Daniel, he was so lowkey in the music video and yet he still had a presence. He didn’t need to appear in every scene and it still felt like his song. The way he began the song was a surprise to me as well. He hit me with his rap and I was like, “Ok” *starts dancing* “You’ve got my attention”.

Yes, it is definitely my favourite Kang Daniel song so far. It reminds me of WonderBoyz’ song Tarzan but chiller. Remember that song? I loved it.

Anyway that is it for my thoughts. I loved it.

What did you think?

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