Let’s Talk About Shanks – One Piece (re-upload)


I feel like I don’t know Shanks. We know him but at the same time we really don’t. We learn about him from other people’s perspectives but never from Shanks’ own and I find that interesting.

There’s a lot of mystery that still surrounds him. Why did he become a pirate? How did he become a Yonko? What is he like in battle? That I would actually like to see with my own eyes and not just two seconds of it either.

I mean he did talk about what it was like being with Roger and we did see him honour Whitebeard and his friendship with Mihawk. But why did he come to Mariejois?! What is he up to? What are his goals?

I have so many questions. I know Oda is doing it on purpose as our journey is with Luffy and the moment Shanks and Luffy meet and Luffy gives back the hat we’ll know we’re close to the end or at the end. At this point though will he give back the hat? I mean Luffy would but Luffy without the hat will be weird.

His personality is similar to Luffy’s although he’s less impulsive and less obsessed with freedom and he’s more of a drunk. He’s laidback like Luffy though. He has the coolest crew ever, who I also would like to know more about. I mean he only ever needs ten of them and he’s golden, kind of similar to Luffy as well. If Oda ever decided to do a prequel or to write about the adventures of the Red Hair pirates I would read that (do you hear me Oda?).

I like that he wholeheartedly believes in Luffy. I like that he’s loyal and has remained the same throughout the years. He didn’t become arrogant despite his status and I find that admirable. His crew is kind of like the Strawhats in that sense. They’re powerful but they remain humble. Humility is the key kids.

I like that he’s a swordsman. If you haven’t figured it out already I like swordsmen, they’re cool. This is another reason I really want to see him fight. I mean he was good enough to go against Mihawk and to have Mihawk’s interest and he’s a Yonko! Let us see him fight!

It’s like Dragon, Luffy’s father, so much hype and yet we haven’t even seen them fight yet. Eeek!

I feel that Shanks may have had a fling. I mean he did stay in Luffy’s village for a while and Makino has a baby… I don’t know the theory doesn’t sound far-fetched to me, plus most of the romances with main characters such as Roger happen off screen so it’s not impossible.

So we still have a lot to learn about Shanks and I am looking forward to learning more and to the reunion. I better cry at the beauty of it!

That is all for now, next shall be Katakuri.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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