The Big Bang Theory – A Rant

For the most part the show is funny. I mean I watched all seasons and I couldn’t have done that if it wasn’t funny… although it wasn’t side splitting funny. It was just funny in a normal sit com way.

Also after a while, I was invested in their lives and I wanted to find out how they’d end up and all that.

However I had two, no three things that I hated about the show so I’m going to rant, buckle your imaginary seat belt!

The first thing, I didn’t like the way they treated Sheldon. I know, this might be an unpopular opinion.

It’s not that I loved Sheldon so much and because of that I wanted him to be treated better. No, I couldn’t stand him. It’s more that I felt they were unfair to him.

Sheldon from the beginning was very honest. He was honest about his personality, his likes and dislikes and nothing about him is a surprise. They kept getting mad at him for the things he did but I would sit there like why are you surprised and why are you mad? If you don’t like him, don’t be his friend. If you he makes you mad, tell him specifically why.

I mean they know he doesn’t get sarcasm nor is good with social cues and they never take that into consideration when dealing with him.

The one person who had the best time dealing with him was the Geology guy (I forgot his name) and that was because he was direct and firm. Sheldon’s mother was the same. You’d think after so many years of dealing with him they’d learn that.

And Amy, she pissed me. She knew exactly who he was from the beginning and she kept getting disappointed? Why are you trying to change someone? This goes for men and women; you can’t change people unless they want to be changed. If you don’t like them, don’t date them.

She wanted things from Sheldon that were impossible for his personality type and then got mad when he stayed true to his character. It’d make sense if he’d lied and said he’d try and change but he never did. Although there were instances where he did say he’d do something and selfishly change his mind, in those instances 100% with Amy.

Also the roommate agreement, Leonard signed that with his eyes bloody wide open. He could have moved and Sheldon even had a version without friendship but Leonard kept going back to Sheldon.

I’m not saying Sheldon never did anything wrong. I’m saying that they knew exactly who he was, he told them exactly who he was, and yet they still stayed and decided to be his friends out of the ‘goodness of their hearts’ even though Sheldon didn’t need nor ask for them to stay, especially in the beginning.


My second point is the cast, Leonard, Howard and Raj were nice guys™.

Half way through the show I realised this. I sat there and I was like, hold on, it’s not that they can’t get girls because they’re nerds. They’re dicks and they’re nerds. If they were genuinely nice and nerds they would have definitely found someone.

Howard was a creepy pervert and misogynistic. I really don’t need to expand; I feel even the show knew this. They never tried to pretend he was a good guy.

Raj was not that nice of a person. He didn’t think highly of women. He was very concerned with looks rather than personality. He tended to judge people very quickly and frankly for the most part he was only interested in sex. In relationships he thought more of himself than others. He didn’t listen to what his partners wanted and didn’t respect their boundaries.

The best relationship that he had was with Howard honestly, even though Howard made racist jokes constantly.

Leonard was the most annoying. He was so whiney and the stereotypical nice guy™. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to punch him.

He was more concerned with dating a hot girl™ than finding love. When he got the hot girl™, he wanted to relationship to go the way he wanted. Like Raj I think he thought about himself more. He’s one of those nice people that do things for others only thinking about the rewards they’ll get if they do it; who get super mean and prissy if they don’t get the reward or if you don’t accept what they’re giving you.

My third point is still related to Leonard.

I don’t like that they made Penny pregnant.

How is it that all those years dating Leonard never asked if she wanted kids? How?

What did they talk about?

And when he found out that she didn’t want kids and he desperately did they should have separated and made peace with it. I’m being so serious because it would never have worked.

But like everything Leonard gets his way in the end. Even though the last two seasons talked about how much Penny didn’t want children, at all.

Do you know what it’s like when a parent doesn’t want their child? Not great. That’s when you get those bitter parents talking about how they could have been somebody. It’s a stereotype but it comes from a place of truth.

Also what is with TV shows and women not wanting to have children? What is their beef? Women who don’t want children are not monsters. It’s good that they know, this way they won’t have kids and then resent their kids, scarring said children.

“But if we stop having kids the human population will die out!”

That will never happen. There will always be people who want children, always. They can carry the human race on their backs. Also the world is heavily overpopulated and it is causing many problems. So you know what, maybe we need more people who don’t want kids.

Also adoption is a thing, for people who want children IVF and natural conception always seem to be the only options but there are people, me, who only want to adopt. Those kids need homes.

So yeah that pissed me off. They had Penny all happy and you know she wouldn’t have been happy with that situation if they’d realistically done that storyline. *smt*

*deep sigh*

I’ve let it all out and now I can move on.

Do agree or do you disagree? Do you have anything to add?

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