Let’s Talk About Fujitora – One Piece (re-upload)


There aren’t many in the navy in One Piece that I like. I like Smoker, I accept Sengoku now that he has retired, Garp is a troll and I’m here for it and Aokiji I now accept as well although he did some dodgy things in the past. There’s also obviously Colby and Helmeppo and other characters (honestly the amount of red lines I get writing about One Piece is ridiculous, Word recognises none of these names!). Anyway recently there’s a new one I’m adding to my list and that’s Admiral Fujitora.

I love this guy, he embodies true justice, moral justice. Akainu should take some serious notes because I wholeheartedly do not agree with his absolute justice. I mean Fujitora could run for the equivalent of President in One Piece world and I would support and vote for him. How much better would that world be? I mean he knows the Shichibukai system is trash, he blinded himself because the world was so evil and his power is epic. Also he’s humble; it’s very rare to find that in an Admiral (although I doubt Kizaru cares enough to have a huge ego).

Let’s talk about his power for a hot minute., the zushi zushi no mi fruit or the gravity gravity no mi fruit as I like to call it (I also used to call it the meteor meteor no mi fruit). Some say he’s over powered and I can see why they say that but at the same I’m not mad. He can be defeated by someone with brains and skill and he doesn’t abuse his power. Also I feel like there are drawbacks to the power that we haven’t seen yet.

Sometimes it’s fun to have one or two heavily powered characters. His power gives me a strange sense of joy. It’s a shame the anime hasn’t done his power justice, like Brooke he’s so much more badass in the manga!

The moment that I knew I would like him forever was when he bowed down to Riku to apologise on the government’s behalf for all the shit they allowed Doflamingo to get away with. To apologise and admit you’re wrong is a hard thing to do in normal circumstances, add in the fact that he had so much power and did not have to apologise but he did it. He could have lost his position but he was honestly so disgusted and appalled and sorry that he had to apologise. That moment showed Fujitora’s true character and I respected him more because of what he did.

Like Smoker he still believes in justice but he’ll never be a pirate nor will he ever be as corrupt as Sakazuki. Guys like him in the manga show what the navy is meant to be and meant to embody. He gives me hope that after the adventures are done the world of One Piece can be a better place because right now every island has serious problems caused by corruption from higher up, legitimately every island. No one is happy.. does no one find this odd?

It’s funny I bought the first volume of One Piece and I was re-reading it and we encountered moral justice versus absolute justice from day one! Honestly One Piece is more than just a pirate adventure manga.

So yeah, he’s my favourite Navy personnel (along with Colby), who’s yours?

After this post my One Piece posts won’t be re-uploads, yay!! I’ll probably start with the Kid pirates… yeah, I love them.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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