UKiss – The Group that Started it All

I’ve said before that the group that got me into kpop was UKiss. I was in university and I randomly came across UKiss’s song Forbidden Love. Ironically Forbidden Love is one of their Japanese songs.

Anyway I listened to it and I was sold! I was like “Oh, this is why people like kpop” and this was back in 2013.

It wasn’t the first kpop song I’d ever heard, my friend had tried to get me into kpop the year before and it hadn’t worked but then after I listened and liked UKiss I immediately texted her and was like, “OMD you were right, this is good.” Then I got into more groups, back then it was B.A.P., Big Bang, Block B and Super Junior, eventually Exo and BTS. Oh and of course Vixx.

And the first girl group I ever got into was 2ne1. At first I didn’t like the girl groups because they were too cute for me but 2ne1 and F(x) opened my eyes to the magnificent-ness of girl groups.

So recently I was checking up on UKiss. Even though they were my first group I’m not going to lie, I didn’t stay loyal. First Dongho left (Alexander and Kibum had already left and I really liked Alexander) then AJ and then their music changed and I wasn’t into it and so I gradually stopped stanning I guess.

However, they still hold a special place in my heart so I always want to make sure they’re good, to see what they’re doing in life and what their new projects are.

I was surprised by how many members have left. Out of the original members only Soohyun is left, I wonder what that’s like for him. There’s also Hoon and Jun.

I mean I knew Kevin left when his contract was finished but Kiseop too?!?! AND ELI!! What?!

Then (on Miss Kpop Profiles) I saw that most of them are married and have kids. I mean Kiseop is married!! Y’all I was so happy I almost shed a tear. Look at him getting his husband life on.

Eli is married, I knew that though because his marriage caused big waves mostly because it was secret and they got caught by fans in a vlive I think? Was it? Anyway he’s been married and he has a baby, again not news.

Also one I knew about is Dongho, I knew he had a baby but I didn’t know he got divorced. So that’s sad. But he is a DJ! Still in the music scene then.

AJ went to an Ivy League college and got his learning on and then he came out as a solo artist, I did not know this. What did he study by the way?

It’s sad that it appears AJ is not on good terms with the rest of the band members but then again, that could be fans misunderstanding the situation. #optimistic

Soohyun has just finished his military service and Hoon is in the military and Jun was in UNB and is now back in UKiss.

Who else? Oh Kibum is married too and has a baby! And he owns a café/restaurant in Korea. I’m still bitter about the fact that they, the company, kicked him out of the group. They shot themselves in the foot with that honestly because the group was on the up and up and then they just eject a member?! Then that’s when Alexander left. Boo to the company, boo!

Alexander is also doing fine and Kevin too.

So yeah, they’re fully grown, out here living their best lives and that makes me so happy. I’m happy to see them succeeding in and out of the industry.

It kind of makes me feel old though. I mean they’re all older than me, but not by much. To think there was a time when they were young men and singing and dancing and now they’re established and having families… wow. This must be what fans of Westlife felt like. OMD don’t even get me started on Exo, I grew with them *sob*.

BTS somehow still feels young, like they haven’t hit that stage yet. But I think when Seokjin goes to the military that is when things will change and they’ll get their dating on. Because, let’s be honest, they’ve achieved everything else, the only thing they haven’t been able to do is date freely. It’ll be harder for them than UKiss but I hope I can write a post like this in the future like a proud mom even though we’re in the same age range.

So yeah, UKiss is grown, grown. A second generation group that was so underrated but still managed to succeed and do well for themselves. I hope the remaining members continue to do well, especially when Hoon comes back.

Do you have a group like UKiss? Who got you into kpop?


Ps: OMD G.O. is married too? Ok, level with me have mblaq disbanded? Am I missing more news?

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