Summer of Woman: Dreamcatcher – Boca

I am back with summer of woman! There have been many additions to this glorious summer of women in kpop. Itsy has had a comeback and Hyolyn, and many more groups. There’s been an influx actually.

I particularly enjoyed Hyolyn’s comeback. She had a song for her soft ballad side 9 Lives and a song for her summer banger and her I-Will-Twerk-At-Least-Once side Say My Name.

This post however is about Dreamcatcher’s Boca. I’ve recently gotten into Dreamcatcher as you know and this is my first comeback with the group. I was quite excited as I wondered what they were going to bring to the table.

The song reminds of Girl’s Generation’s I Got a Boy in that it feels like two sounds mixed into one. The beginning of the song has a Latin sound and then the chorus and the rest of the song leans more towards the rock sound that they usually have.

I don’t normally like the beginning and the chorus being so different for each other honestly. However I like that with Boca the pre chorus joins both sides together. As the pre chorus slows and quietens down the song, you still hear the Latin sound in the background. Then the guitar riffs start to play and builds until we get to the chorus. So the pre chorus acts like a bridge uniting both sides of the song.

Also the more I listened to it the more I realised they never completely lose that Latin sound in the verses, the beat is always there acting as a guide.

So just like I Got a Boy, I was confused at first but ended up liking it.

This comeback is linked to Scream and it is part two to their Dystopia themed albums. This one is Dystopia: Lose Myself and part one was Dystopia: The Tree of Language which had the title track Scream.

You can see how the tracks link in the lyrics. As Scream was about society and how toxic it can be, Boca is about the aftermath. After receiving those stabbing wounds from haters, those who love to hate, they are broken and weak.

Then Dreamcatcher comes along and they’re the saviour of the subject of the song. They stand between the haters and the victim. They will lock up the main weapon haters use, their mouth (their words) hence ‘boca’ which is mouth in Spanish.

The bridge even gives me the impression that Dreamcatcher wants to change the hearts of those who hate as it feels like they’re talking directly to them:

Why fill up your precious time with hate? Too many angels dying now I’m gonna change your mind, So you can breathe again (from

The music video also reflects this meaning. We see Siyeon running from someone and the place that they’re in seems like hell or a horrible place, in a modern sense. With those shadowy figures and mouths taped shut or the dancers having their mouths covered.

The girls however don’t look scared as they walk through this place, in fact they seem confident and in control (apart from Siyeon). Then there’s the bit where they’re in a fairy wonderland and look ethereal, a paradise within the darkness. A place they’re trying to bring the victim to heal.

I love the difference of the two looks. I love the ethereal fairy look and Sua playing in the water, and I also like the punk look with the black outfits. Both work well for the theme.

I also thought, before reading the lyrics, that if there is going to be three parts then it could be like ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. Scream had the focus on the eyes and this one has the focus on the mouth… and they’re speaking against evil so that’s where the thought came from.

It’s interesting. The lyrics and the music video get you thinking and so it’s a treat for the brain and the ears.

I look forward to part three and how they’ll conclude this series. Hopefully Handong will be back by then.

What did you think of the comeback?


I think this will be my second to last summer of women post. I’ll end with CLC’s comeback. Alas summer is coming to close. It’s been fun! Boa celebrated 20 years in the business… so many comebacks.


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