Vixx – The End of an Era?

Recently it was announced that Hongbin has left Vixx.

*deep sigh*

This is all started because of that live broadcast he did when he had been drinking. He has a gaming channel and he did a live where he was drinking and reacting to music videos of other groups and he was critical of those groups, some of them.

His comments received huge backlash and he came and did a broadcast apologising. That was earlier this year and after that nothing more was heard from Hongbin.

I thought this was something that could be forgiven but to think that he is not in Vixx anymore because of this? I just… I can’t!

I lowkey (highkey) blame the company. Why has kpop become a place where if you make one mistake you’re immediately ejected? I mean, if it is a horrible crime then it makes sense but what Hongbin did was not horrendous. It wasn’t smart considering how kpop fans can get when defending their group but still it wasn’t that bad.

You may think I’m being over dramatic but Vixx is one of my favourite groups! I love them! I rarely like all the songs on an artist’s album but Vixx is one of those groups where I have no skips.

Now I truly believe that every member is integral to the groups sound. This is not the case for all groups but I really feel that with Vixx each member adds a special flavour. It’s like they’re all very key ingredients to a delicious dish, like gumbo or something. They’re all so unique and just…

If they weren’t close as well I wouldn’t be as upset. I don’t know them personally, of course, but out of all the groups they’re one of the groups where I felt they genuinely liked each other and got on like family. Which is amazing considering how the group started on such a hostile survival show.

They’ve been through so much and for it to just end like this? I would have liked Hongbin to leave on his own terms if he wanted to leave and to get an actual send off. He was a valuable member and one who was always honest and true to himself.

I am sad about this, not going to lie.

I wonder what the group will be like now. The older members are in the military and Hongbin himself will go soon so they were on hiatus anyway. *sigh*

All my favs…

But to end on a good note. I wish him success and happiness no matter what he does in the future. Go Hongbin! Achieve your dreams!

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