If Mineta was Hot…

…Would you still hate him?

The pervert character has been around in manga for a long time. He is the most stable character, in Shonen manga anyway (Shoujo manga has its own troupes). There are female pervs but not as many as the male perv.

They can be hot and young or old and not that appealing. It depends on the manga but they’re there.

Honestly it is my least favourite troupe. I could do without it. It adds nothing to the storyline and I skip those parts or they leave me sitting there with a sneer on my face.

However, I am someone who likes realism in stories, like when mangaka’s write in things that happen in real life. And let’s face it, teenagers can be horny, it is a turbulent time but I feel like mangaka’s amp it up to a really gross and disturbing degree where characters are basically committing sexual assault or sexual harassment.

I read a post that was like, “What about when [insert female character] does it?” That’s still wrong in my eyes. It doesn’t matter which direction it’s coming from, it needs to stop.

Also teenagers who are horny and creepy either learn from the their mistakes and consciously decide to respect the sex they’re interested in. There are people who don’t get checked but somehow grow out of it, I don’t know how… maybe they have a disturbing dream or a disturbing encounter that wakes them up. Those who stay creepy are the true creepy people of society. Those who do not learn when they are checked are the truly gross people of society.

I have characters that I liked that have just been ruined by this troupe, like Sanji. He has many redeeming qualities and like others I thought the Whole Cake Arc would be a wake up call for him but no, he learnt nothing… *soul deep sigh*. Let Sanji grow and become a better person! And I know people tend to worship Oda and I am thankful that he created One Piece but he is a perv and I hate that part of his writing.

Going back to Mineta I read a post defending him and it got me thinking. Would he be as hated if he was hot? Would people really have a problem with him if he was a “hot” character?

I mean there have been plenty of pervy characters, Jiraiya, Sanji, Master Roshi, and yet Mineta gets the most hate. Master Roshi is disgusting and even pervs on minors and yet he is not hated as much, although he’s not hot so perhaps because his character is from a different time? As in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z came out ages ago.

Sanji is hot and he has other redeeming qualities however I have noticed that he is getting more hate than love these days and that even his fans struggle with the side that loves Sanji and the side that can’t stand him.

Jiraiya, I’ve never heard anyone complain about his pervy side.

Oh and there’s Shigure from Fruits Basket! Aha! A shoujo example! I’ve also never heard of anyone hating him even though he be pervy and towards high school girls.

So why Mineta? Is it because of the time we’re in? Is it because we’re less tolerant to such behaviour? Is it because he has no other redeeming qualities apart from his power?

I think it’s all of that. In these times people are tired of such characters. We’re done and we want them gone. Even with Sanji we want that gone! Retire the gag, it’s not funny. Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be a gag… because sexual harassment and creepy behaviour is funny…

And to be clear again I think it’s just as gross when women do it.

Anyway, his personality is also unappealing. He has no dimension. He’s just a creep. Perhaps Horikoshi will give him dimension soon but as of right now, ugh.

If he was hot I still wouldn’t like him. I remember the moment I realised I truly didn’t like him was when I realised there really wasn’t anything else to his character apart from him being a creepy perv. Before that I thought he had some promise and I wanted him to gain confidence and to figure out how to effectively use his power but when I got to know him I just got so turned off he became my least favourite character.

Plus sure he has an interesting power but MHA is filled with interesting powers. If that’s his only quality there’s really no reason to fall for him as a character when we have so many other better options.

If he actually changes and Horikoshi does what Oda couldn’t and gives him character development where he learns to respect women then I will come back here and tip my hat to Horikoshi. Until then I stand by my point.

What do you think? Do you think people would still hate him if he was hot?

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