My Favourite Latin American Music

For this week’s music corner I wanted to talk about my favourite music from Latin America. Now I will admit that I do not know as many songs as I would like. I am slowly finding artists that I like and styles that I like so I would say I am in no way an expert or do I know the genre well.

However, I love it and I want to know more and I thought I’d share the songs that have stuck with me.

First is,

Te Bote – Nio Garcia, Casper, Darell

I don’t know where I first heard this song. I just remember watching a Starpuppy video (YouTuber) and thinking, “Wait, I know this song! I love this song!” Luckily she included the song name in her video when she was dancing to it and so I found it and I was like, “Yes, this is the one!”

It is lowkey, you don’t need to make big moves when dancing to the song. It’s the perfect song for wining the hips a little or just playing around with the beat.

Ugh, I love it. It’s a song that you can feel, you know?

Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William

Did you know there’s a version of this song with Beyonce? I didn’t know until recently.

Anyway, I think I like J Balvin. There isn’t a song of his that I’ve listened to that I have hated, not one!

Mi Gente though is a song that I love! It’s the kind of song you can really go all out and have fun dancing to. It’s the song where I ain’t trying to look pretty whilst dancing to it, I’m just trying to have fun.

It’s such a boost of serotonin.

Also Willy William, I’m so glad I got to know of another artist through this song. They both kill it and deliver.

Ugh, it’s the perfect dance song.

Chantaje – Shakira ft Maluma

I love this duo. This song was my introduction to Maluma and thank you! Thank you for that! He is a whole vibe.

This song is sexy. I love the way it starts off soft and smooth and then gets louder and sexier. Um! Take me!

Honestly, I think I could be wooed with a song alone. It is very possible given how much I love music and my reaction to Chantaje.

Shakira also never disappoints. When I was a camp counsellor one of my co-workers was from Mexico and we had similar tastes in music so we would share our favs. One day we were talking about Shakira and she said that Shakira’s Spanish stuff is much better than her English tracks. She showed me the Spanish version of Whenever Wherever, Suerte, and I felt cheated! It was better!

I don’t know what it is about Shakira singing in Spanish, it just sounds better. It’s like in English the vibe or something doesn’t get translated. I don’t know what it is, I just love her Spanish stuff. So Chantaje is one of my favourite songs.

Note: This song now has 2 billion views! Imagine! (I know my friend contributed a million, she LOVES this song).

Booty – Becky G, C. Tangana

This is a guilty pleasure song of mine. I just love it.

I was introduced to Becky G through the movie Power Rangers (Yes I watched it and liked it) and later I found out she was a singer too. However, I didn’t expect her to make a sexy booty song.

She can get it. She really can. She was putting the moves on in the music video, had me attempting to too.

I would say it’s sexy but also fun. Sometimes you just need a booty song, a song that is light-hearted and sexy to dance to. It doesn’t always have to be deep.

I really like the beat and the background noises added in. Whoever produced the track, thank you, my ears enjoyed that.

I also really like the rapper, C. Tangana, his flow, vibe and the way he blends with Becky is great, they really work well together as a duo.

X Equis – Nicky Jam x J Balvin

I found out about this song from a dance video by Jaemin and Jisung filmed by Chenle (from the kpop group NCT Dream). I was like wait, hold on, let me search this up!

This is a song I play when I want to wine! It’s on the chill side, not as chill as Te Bote but not as hype as Mi Gente. It’s in that sweet spot in the middle. Ooh, this song really hits the spot!!

Another artist that I am growing to like is Nicky Jam. This was my introduction to him and I really enjoyed what he did. I’ve listened to more songs since then and I still like him. I love his voice, and the way he begins this song…? *chef’s kiss*  

Taki Taki – DJ Snake ft Ozuna, Cardi B, Selena Gomez

Selena’s verse kills! I’ll say it again, her verse kills! Who told her? Who told her to slay like that?

Oh my goodness.

People love to hate on Selena but you know what, she is a good singer. She has a nice voice, a lower tone that I enjoy, and whatever target she aims for she hits. So yeah I loved her verse.

Cardi and Ozuna were good too. It’s a solid track in general.

Again, a kpop artist dancing video put me on to this song, this time it was Ten, watch his dance cover, it’s pretty good.

Honestly, it’s one of those songs that if you don’t dance to it at some point when it’s on I’ll think there’s something wrong with you.

Bonus: Black Eyed Peas

OK so how come no one told me Black Eyed Peas were back and were making Latin music featuring Latin American artists.

Again I was put on to the song Mamacita (ft. Ozuna, J. Rey Soul) because of a dance video by a kpop artist, this time it was Seungyeon from CLC (check out her dance videos, they’re very good). Thank you girl.

It’s repetitive but I like the song. I especially like J. Rey Soul’s chorus, it just hits. All of it hits really.

Also there’s Vida Loca (ft. Nicky Jam, Tyga) and Taboo raps in Spanish! I never clocked that he was Latino, that’s my fault. I’m sorry Taboo! It was my first time listening to him rapping in Spanish. He probably has other songs where he does but yes, this was my first.

OMD THEY DID A SONG WITH MALUMA!! WHAT!!!! And J Balvin… excuse me.

I’m back!

I need a music friend who I can gush with, because most of the time I’m talking to myself on here. I need recommendations too people, so if you see songs that you think I would like feel free to comment on a post about it.

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