Not Alone

In this place in this world

Sitting alone in a purple room

Hate coming from all angles


In the eyes of others,

It is wrong to be Black

They don’t want my Blackness


In the eyes of others

It is wrong to be a woman

They don’t want my femininity


But in the eyes of God

I am precious, I am never alone

I am wanted and I am needed.


With Him here, I am never alone

When I cry, He cries with me

When I’m empty, He fills me with love.


Who do I need if I have God?

Who can fill my soul, if not God?

Who can I praise, but only God!


God is everything I needed

Everything I wanted

And He will never leave.


He hears our cries

He sees our suffering

And He makes note.


God can save

God can deliver

God has vengeance


When the time comes for me to go

I will be glad, as on the other side

My best friend waits for me,

With open arms and a wide smile.

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