Wonho – A Glorious Comeback

I don’t follow Monster X but even I found out about what went down with Wonho. Man really went through it.

His career really got almost destroyed because of unfounded rumours. Rumours that were found to be untrue. He can’t even hang out with his past band members because some fans are still mad at him and are still persecuting him for a crime he did not commit.

When did we become so brutal in kpop? When did one scandal mean you have to leave the group, no other option? This trend is so dangerous, especially when you find out someone was innocent.

I hate it honestly.

The person I felt the worst for was Wonho as he’d worked so hard and Monster X was doing so well and he did seem to genuinely get along with his members.

I wondered if he would make a comeback or if that was it for him. Man is made of strong stuff, those muscles are not just for show, so he did come back! He stayed in the industry and decided to go ahead and try to make it as a solo artist.

This is rare y’all. I haven’t seen this in such a long time. Normally in kpop when someone is cancelled like that they don’t come back but not Wonho.

I wasn’t going to check out his song as I’m trying not to stan new people but I was curious and so I did. I checked out Open Mind and wow, what a song!

As I said I am not a Monster X fan nor have I extensively checked out their stuff. So I didn’t know what to expect in terms of his voice but it’s so sweet.

It’s a nice smooth and sweet voice! I love how it’s the opposite of how he looks. He looks all manly and tough, so you’d expect similar music and a similar voice but no, he sounds sweet. He could sing me a lullaby.

Although, his face is sweet. How come the most dench men have the most baby faces?

Oh and the music video, he is someone who owns his body. He wants to show it off and so he does. He said, “The muscles will pop today!” And those abs, they are the mother of abs. What does he eat? How many hours does he put away at the gym? My days… it’s like he was sculpted. (Couldn’t be me *she whispers*).

And the lyrics! I wasn’t expecting the song to be about sex. In kpop they tend to censor a bit, they may swear but sex… that’s always talked about in innuendos and metaphors. But when you look at the lyrics it’s like, “No. This is about sex. Let’s have a one night stand girl.”

Wonho! *throws fan at him*

He really went for it and delivered! It’s a sleek music video that has managed to seduce all you have watched it no matter their sexual orientation.

So he’s doing well. He made it. When he performs you can see how happy he is. He’s also so poised and confident, he has this elegance about him that is mesmerising. I want to keep on watching.

I think it’s down to his fans, who stuck by him and never doubted him and it’s down to Wonho himself. He never stopped fighting for himself and his dream and that is paying off.

He shows that you can rise from failure and succeed.

I hope he carries on succeeding and I hope the haters will keep on losing.

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