Abs Abs Abs… Is that all?

I am a functioning heterosexual demisexual woman. I know hotness when I see it. I appreciate it. But I learned long ago that abs are just abs. They’re great to look at but they take a lot of work and it’s no fun dating a guy with super defined abs.

Do you know the diet of a man who’s got little to no body fat? It’s boring. I mean, unless they’re really creative otherwise no it’s boring!

And the amount of exercise it takes?!

I am very much for exercise and being healthy and having a strong core but I don’t feel having super defined abs is necessary. It’s a bonus if a guy has them but it’s not something I demand.

I know that this is a me thing but I still don’t understand how people can obsess over someone else’s body to the point where they don’t even take into consideration that person’s feelings.


How can you not care about the owner of that body?

Also, y’all, men aren’t pieces of meat. I know some of you will think, “But men objectify women too”. Yes I know, why are we trying to be like them? That isn’t something to aspire to do.

What caused this rant? Kpop.

I have talked about this exact topic before back when I first made my blog (five years ago *wink wink nudge nudge* no really it’s been five years). I was talking about Hoyoung from g.o.d. back then. I’ll link it here so you can see.

Unfortunately since then things haven’t changed, in fact I think they’ve gotten worse.

All the newer kpop idols seem to have the same body type. They’re either skinny or filled with muscles.

If they don’t have muscles then they’re teased for being too skinny and when they do have muscles they’re objectified.

I wish there were other body types represented but sadly that is not the case in kpop. Even if there was someone who looked different they would probably be shamed and made to feel bad about their body.

The women are slowly breaking free from the shackles of being perfect and skinny… slowly but they are starting to. With men though, it’s literally either you have to be skinny or you have to have muscles.

It’s not just the companies who push this either, it’s the fans! They will be like, “Oppa, why are you so skinny?” over and over again until that person feels self-conscious about their body. Or they’ll be super thirsty and demand abs.

In NCT Dream’s concert fans interrupted Jaemin’s ending speech wanting to see his abs. Imagine man’s trying to talk and fans are like, “Abs, abs, abs!” He felt since that was what they wanted he’d just give in.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a person choosing to show off their body, hear that… choosing! If it’s their honest choice then I don’t care. But when they feel pressured into it or are made to do it, I feel so bad for them and mad at the people who put them in that situation.

I wish they didn’t have abs so they’d be freed of such thirsty fans who don’t care about the individual but only their body.

The thing is those fans wouldn’t do that shit at a girl group concert and if they did the backlash would be enormous and very ferocious. However when it happens to boy groups people barely pay attention to it.

When I saw the clip of Jaemin I felt so uncomfortable, even before he said why he did it. In that same clip they tried to get Jisung to show his abs too but man is a minor… he’s a minor! And honestly Jaemin was barely an adult.

And you know what even if they were fully grown it’s their body and we have no right to demand anything from them if it concerns their body. It is none of our business.

If you want to look at abs, work out your core and eat right then you can look at your own.

I hope Jaemin saying that was a wake up call for his fans. I hope the kpop industry will change so that fans won’t feel so entitled to their lives, their bodies and their decisions.

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