Fruits Basket – The New Anime

It’s no secret that Fruits Basket is my favourite shoujo manga. Along with One Piece it’s my favourite manga in general.

The previous anime adaptation didn’t do the manga justice. It was funny yes but they didn’t show Shigure’s true nature and only 10% of the story was told.

The curse was not expanded on and certain characters never got introduced. In fact, I watched the anime first and I was so confused by the ending until my friends told me that the manga was ongoing and I had to read it… best friends ever!

So when I found out they were going to make another adaptation but this time they were going to include everything I was so excited! It’s a dream come true honestly. All I’ve wanted for the manga was for more people to read it and for them to adapt the whole story into anime.

So now that they have made the anime I have made videos about what I thought of each season (a little late as I procrastinated). I didn’t realise I had so much to say until I made the videos…. anyway here’s the latest video on my channel where I talk about the second half of season 2.

It’s just so cool for Natsuki Takaya that her work is being made into a full length anime and that more people are getting to know her work. She’s such a favourite of mine.

Is this your first time watching it or no? What do you like the most about the story and who is your favourite character?

I think my favourite is pretty obvious.

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