Hunter x Hunter – Hunter x Exam

So I have recently been getting into new anime. You don’t know this but this is huge for me. I have strictly been a One Piece girl and before that a big three girl.

I wasn’t really that open to new anime or manga unless it was shoujo manga. I love reading random shoujo manga… well semi love. I have a specific taste but yeah my shoujo list is not as embarrassingly short as my shonen list.

So recently I’ve been on anitwitter and I’ve been… I wouldn’t say introduced but I’ve been convinced to watch different anime other than the big three (Naruto, Bleach and One Piece).

My friend convinced me to watch Demon Slayer so Hunter x Hunter isn’t technically my first new anime and also Hunter x Hunter isn’t new. It just goes on hiatus a lot (another reason I was unsure as to whether I should start it or not).

So I started my new journey with Hunter x Hunter and I talked about my thoughts on the Hunter Exam arc in my youtube video which you can watch here:

I did say in the video that I would come back and talk about the Getting-Killua-Back arc but it wasn’t really an arc so I don’t see the point in making a video so I’ll talk about it here.

I finally got to meet Canary and she wasn’t who I was expecting her to be, like Hisoka only in a different way.

It’s just I didn’t expect her to work for Killua’s family and I didn’t expect her to be nice. Either way though, I like her and I have someone new to cosplay *fist pumps* yes!

I also love the wolf beast, Mike. He’s supposed to be fierce but he’s adorable. Although, the fact that his front paws are hands and not paws is freaky… very freaky.

I was expecting Gon to fight Killua’s whole family but he didn’t and that shocked me. It ended much more peacefully than I expected. Also how easily his father let him go set me on edge. I didn’t trust it and I was right not to because clearly man is up to something.

Although I do like how they’re realistic about their power. They don’t win every fight and they do actually get hurt, so their power ups are more satisfying for me to watch as I know they’ve worked hard for them.

I’m glad that he got to leave though and that he knows he’s got a friend, a true friend, something he’s always wanted. I fully support his dream of capturing and collecting the bounty on his whole family. *cheers* “You can do it Killua!! Capture them all!!”

Also that whole little mini arc cemented for me that Gon appears sweet and innocent, and he is in certain ways, but in others he’s not. He’s got his own edge and his own principles and I like that.

As he’s so young, he’s still got growth potential, both him and Killua, and I look forward to seeing that.

Now onto the next arc I go! Kurapika and Leorio are temporarily gone but Killua and Gon are going to have fun and I get to meet new characters!

I hope this anime/manga actually does get an ending….

3 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter – Hunter x Exam

  1. Very interesting. Not going to lie, I feel like such an anime hipster when it comes to Hunter X Hunter because I read the manga and saw the original anime a few years before the remake came out. People didn’t really know about this anime at first and now it’s one of the biggest Shonen Jump works now.

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      1. Gotcha. I’ve never really seen Fruits Basket, but I know the original anime has been around a while. Makes sense about the chapters. The Chimera Ant arc didn’t get animated until the remake.

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