I Am Byakuya?

Before I get started let’s take a moment to dance because… Bleach is coming back! Bleach is coming back!

If you haven’t heard the news they’re going to animate the final arc of Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War arc. Also Tite Kubo has made a comeback with Burn the Witch. It’s set to come out in October so *sly smirks* we shall see how it is.

Ok, on with the post!

So when I think of a character in the anime world that represents my personality I think of people like Nico Robin or Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach. I like a good fight, I’m loyal and I’m straight forward. However as I thought about more of Kenny’s qualities I realised… hey, perhaps I’m not Kenny!

So then who would I be in the universe of Bleach? Who loves to fight but appears calm? Who follows the rules although it doesn’t always benefit them? Who cares deeply even if they don’t always show it?

You’ve read the title, you know where I’m going with this… Byakuya. He’s the one!

At first I didn’t like that thought as I wasn’t much of a fan of him when I first started Bleach but I am now and no matter how much I wish I was like Kenny I’m not.

I’m careful and I tend to think everything through to an annoying degree sometimes. It doesn’t mean I always make the right decisions just know that yes, I did think about it before making that decision.

I am passionate sure but I don’t tend to show that to people. It is people who are close to me who get to know this fact. Actually it was people who were close to me who pointed it out.

Have you ever had a characteristic of yours pointed out to you by others that has left you flabbergasted? I was like, “Who? Me?”

Because really I am with myself every day. There are aspects of my personality that I don’t really think hard about until I have to or until someone points it out.

People have even pointed out certain things based on my writings. I definitely thought they were tripping because, really, my writing? (I mean my fiction books) But  no it’s a real thing. You can tell a lot about a writer from their books.

So yeah, I am Byakuya. I even like cool hairstyles like him and I too would take someone, a stranger ish, in as my family. I too care about justice.

Although, I am not as cold as him… I think. I do show when I like you… eventually. No, I do, with friends at least but not with crushes. You will think I’m either wary of you or can’t stand you… there’s no in between.

I can’t believe I’m Byakuya, how did that happen? So because we’re alike would we get along or would we fight all the time? Do I need a Yoruichi in my life to loosen me up?

Which anime/manga character are you like? Be honest, not the character you want to be but who you really are.

Side note: I would want a duel sword for my zanpakutou. I just love duel swords. Also I still claim Squad 11.

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