Music Corner: Exploring Nu’est’s B Sides

I said I would do this ages ago and I finally have! OMD I procrastinated for like half a year, right? Let’s not count.

So their songs are mainly love songs, like ninety eight per cent of their discography is love songs. There’s nothing wrong with that and if you’re into that then Nu’est is definitely for you.

I’m not so into love songs, but I did find songs that I like within their albums. Oh and of course I really love their title tracks. They never miss with them.

Oh and they write a lot of their own songs, especially Baekho. I was surprised by how many he’s credited with writing. J.R. is also credited a lot as he writes his own lyrics and raps.

Anyway, on to my favourites!

Lend me Your Shoulder

I really like how honest this song is. It is from the Re: Birth album.

I especially love Aron’s rap. It’s entirely in English and it’s the only one of it’s kind. In fact in their recent albums he doesn’t rap that much anymore.

Anyway, he expresses his honest experience assimilating into Korean culture as he is Korean American. He also talks about dealing with the daily grind of being an ‘idol’. It was hard but in the end all that effort was worth it as they got to achieve their dream.

Honestly any success they achieve is so satisfying because they’ve been grinding for such a long time.

R. L. T. L. (Real Love One Morning)

This is a love song, ey!

It’s not a sappy love song, it’s more like they’re appreciating her. Her colours and innocence.

I really like the club beat that comes through in the chorus. The chorus is also quite minimal. It’s not heavy on lyrics, so you can just feel and experience the music.

This song is from the Canvas mini album.


This one is a darker love song. Their other ones are mostly hopeful and with good themes, except Hello or Please Don’t but this one gave me slight toxic relationship vibes .

Also, it delivers on the title, it does have bass. This song has a really good bass and if you don’t know, good bass is the easiest way to my heart.

Ironically it may be my favourite B Side track. Not because it’s darker I just like the bass element, from the get go it’s good.

Ooh they even did a stage for this song!!!

This song is from the Happily Ever After mini album.

Honourable Mentions:

One Two Three

This one has a bright 90’s feel to it so of course I liked it.

This one feels like the excitement of the beginning stages of a relationship. The lyrics I mean. They’re talking about the excitement of approaching each other and all that jazz. So yes, the beginning.

Minhyun took part in writing this song. It is from The Table mini album.

Trust Me

This one is from the same album.

It has a nice feel to it and gave me sentimental vibes.

The lyrics are talking about how they’ve fallen in love but there’s still a wall between them. Also they may have rushed things and so they want to take their time to build that trust.

So yeah, the song is true to its title.

J.R.’s Solos With and I Hate You

Out of all the solos on the albums I liked J.R.’s the most. I felt like they were raw and like he really got vulnerable with the tracks. Of course the others weren’t bad but personally I liked J.R.’s the most.

I Hate You is definitely the most raw. I want to listen to it and read the lyrics over and over again so that I get exactly what he is trying to say. So far I’ve gotten that it’s about inner turmoil and about battling society and its negativity.

A line that stood out to me is “My world is dark, so I coloured it with my own light.” That’s so beautiful, I mean…wow. It explains itself that line.

I like With because it’s peaceful and mellow. I like the low register.

It’s also sweet and romantic.

I just wish his songs were longer or that there were more of them. If he ever made a solo album I’d be here for it.

With is from their Nu’est W album (Without Minhyun) W, Here and I Hate You is from Wake N.

So those are my favourite Nu’est B Sides. I am glad that I finally checked out their discography! It’s been on my to do list for ages!

What is your favourite song from them?

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