Hidden Gem: Stray Kids’ Bright Songs

Stray Kids has some nice bright and bubbly songs in their discography and so I’m going to talk about my favourite ones.

First there is…


This song is fun and upbeat. It had me bobbing along as I listened to the music.

It has a carefree sound. It’s a calming song really. It leaves you with that feel good energy.

The lyrics are about adventure and going to explore space as if they are astronauts. The metaphor gave me the impression that they are not limited by anything and can do anything that they set their minds too.

I also got from the lyrics that they are not afraid of new possibilities and taking that first step into an uncertain future. Given when the song was released it surprisingly fits that moment in their lives very well, even though I think it was unintentional given how fast everything happened. At least from an outsider looking in’s perspective.

The music video ties in with the whole Stray Kids universe thing and sets up the next stage and Levanter very well.

Get Cool

This song is unbelievable cute but not in a cringey way. It’s a cute pop song that I can get with. If Astronaut leaves you with feel good vibes then this one leaves you on a fluffy cloud.

I like the dance for the song and I like the music video. The pastel, there’s so much pastel! And I like it. Sometimes the eye needs something gentle and pleasing to look at.

It does have cheesy moments but I think that’s intentional. A little cheese never harmed anyone (unless your allergic or lactose intolerant although my lacto intolerant people stay trying their luck with dairy).

The lyrics are on about having this awesome day, this unbelievably lucky day, and instead of questioning it they just go with it. It’s about enjoying the small good things and the good days that come your way and leaving the worrying about tomorrow till tomorrow.

Awkward Silence 갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요

The funniest thing to me is that in the actual music video making they had an awkward silence moment and they decided to include it in the official video! The ingenuity! The luck!

It has such a long Korean title as well. You didn’t ask but I thought that as I was struggling to type it and so now you have to know.

Every time Felix says he’s lost his accent another song pops up that proves him wrong and this is one of them. In this song it was his “There you go mate”. Speaking of Felix and his parts I really liked the cute bridge moment that he had.

The song is cute and funny, and so is the dance. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I really like the way Hyunjin dances, he has his own style and it’s cool. You wouldn’t expect them to go hard in the dance for this song but they did. I also like the part where they’re fishing for Felix.

It talks about laughing the gloom and cobwebs away. It reminds of My Neighbour Totoro when the dad laughs to scare away their fear.

So those are my favourite sunny side songs from Stray Kids. What are your favourites?

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