Cowboy Bebop!!

I finally finished Cowboy Bebop…. ok I’m stating that like it took me ages when it’s only 26 episodes long but have you heard of procrastination?

I made a video about my thoughts for my YT channel. It’s not long but OMD how it infuriates me… this is a classic case of me being a perfection. The lighting was off and editing the video annoyed but I also just have super low energy in winter and I didn’t want to refilm it. Plus my videos don’t get a lot of views so I was like, “Why are you stressing Gift?”

But I want perfection for myself!!

However when I get like this it makes me unhappy so I’m trying the zen approach and to accept things as they are. So here’s the video:

In short I liked it and my favourite characters are Ed, Spike and Jet (and Ein)…

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