Music Corner: Taeyeon – What Do I Call You?

I didn’t want the year to pass without me talking about this song. This shall be the last song I talk about this year *gasp*!

I am going to post my favourite kpop songs and my favourite kpop album soon but I’ll do that in January as I wanted to wait until the year finished for any surprise entries.

So Taeyeon, I am a fan. She is one of my favourite solo artists and I enjoyed her last release of 2020. It is a song that I found pretty easy to understand. It’s post break up and she’s wondering what she will call him now. He’s no longer her boyfriend or lover and so she can’t use any endearments with him. But then she doesn’t want to be cold and completely erase him as seen in the music video where she resists the complete memory wipe.

She’s better than me. I am the type when a relationship is over to delete, donate and give away anything and everything they ever give me. It’s my way. I don’t know if it’s the best way but it works for me.

I also like the song. It’s soothing and I love the falsetto moments. It’s such a chill song and it’s so Taeyeon, so of course I like it.

I also love her hair in this song. The blonde underneath is right up my alley and her looks in this video are right up my alley.

Overall, a solid comeback from Taeyeon as always.

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