VR and the Matrix

Matrix spoilers contained within

I was thinking about virtual reality the other day and I realised something. If people from the world of The Matrix saw virtual reality, would they not be scared?

Can you just imagine Morpheus popping up and being like, “We thought it was a game too, when it started. We were just having fun when we created them. But one by one we watched our brothers and sisters fall, fall into the Matrix. They didn’t even know. They couldn’t even tell what was real anymore.”

Wow, should I write a Matrix prequel? I think I’m on to something.

Random fact: for an English assignment once I wrote a monologue by Anakin Skywalker. It was one just before he turned to the dark side. Personally I think it was a great monologue.

Anyway tooting my own horn aside, don’t you think that’s how the Matrix started? I mean, I know in the movies they said they created the machines and then fought them and then the machines trapped them in the Matrix and Zion is the last remaining free human civilisation oh and the machines blocked the sun and that was the first step in them winning.

But… but what if we created them with virtual reality games. Because think about it how did the machines manage to trick an entire race? Their minds must have already been open to the idea of a virtual reality.

I mean how did they trap them? I can imagine a trojan horse situation where the machines give the humans a gift, a present, like here we made something for you… enjoy *evil smile* only for it to trap them one by one!!!

I’m having too much fun with this idea.


But I hear what you’re thinking, you’re thinking but Gift The Matrix is set in the 90s, virtual reality wasn’t invented then! Is The Matrix really set in the 90s? Neo’s world is all a simulation. Maybe the machines, like humans, love the 90s more than any other decade. They can’t let go of that nostalgia… before it all went wrong and the machines and humans could no longer live in harmony.

Anyway don’t take this post too seriously. I’m not saying virtual reality is how they’re going to trap us in the Matrix for all we know we could already be in the Matrix…

I’m kidding!!

But seriously I’m just thinking out loud (but still keep your eyes peeled… *Morpheus mode* don’t fall asleep).

If you were met with the question would you rather take the red pill or the blue pill?

After taking the red pill do you think you would regret it like the heinous traitor Cypher (still mad at him) and long for a life of ignorant bliss?

Me, myself, I would pick the red pill. Even if it sucks and the world is grey and I have to fight machines I’d rather know the truth and face reality.

If you can’t tell I love The Matrix, the best one is the first one and I actually have a love for Matrix Reloaded. The third one isn’t bad but it’s wordy and I was disappointed by the final showdown, it didn’t feel like a concrete solution.

Also it took me watching the first movie twice to get it. And when I did that scene about the battery hit different. Like what?!?! That’s what people are? And he’d never used his eyes… I mean wow. It really makes you think. How did they achieve this?

How did the machines become that smart? The only show that tackles it the best is Agents of Shield. The season with Aida was chilling. It was the progression and how little by little what was reality and what was not became hard to distinguish.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop!

Although it’s ironic that Mac was the most ready to fight machines and he fell the hardest. It made me so sad.

Ok, now I’m done for real!  

Ps: Why didn’t Tank come back? I liked Tank.

Oh and Happy New Year!! I write these in advance most of the time so this is a message from the past~~~ *smirk*

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