Heaven’s Arena/ Whale Island- Hunter x Hunter

So I finally started watching Hunter x Hunter again! I stopped after they got Killua back from his parents house and then I started watching Cowboy Bebop and procrastinating.

The procrastination is over! It’s not that long of an anime so I think I can finish it before April. Anyhow I’ve finished Heaven’s Arena arc and the little bit where Gon takes Killua to his home of Whale Island.

Isn’t it cute? Gon saw Killua’s home and Killua got to visit his home! *squishes own cheeks* it’s adorable!

I talk about Heaven’s Arena in my YT video that I have linked below but here, let’s talk about what happened on Whale Island shall we *smirks*.

The biggest thing, perhaps, is that he, Gon, finally finds out his father’s name. It’s Ging in case you forgot. But I was shocked because I thought he knew, perhaps because I knew but that’s because of spoilers. It’s really hard to avoid spoilers from old anime. But we also find out about his mother, whom I assumed was dead so that was a nice surprise, an alive anime mom.

However Gon could not be more uninterested in her because in his mind he already has a mother in Mito. Isn’t that sweet?! Aw that melted my heart that he genuinely sees her as a mother *keels over*. But the fact that his biological mom was mentioned and the fact that she’s alive somewhere and that Ging is a questionable man makes me think that she will be important in the future… right?

What if she’s a criminal!!!

Also, now that I know some things about Ging, I don’t like him. He has a baby with some woman and then brings him back to the island and pisses off. Then tells said son, “I don’t want you to find me because I’m ashamed” and then makes finding him a game to test how good of a hunter he is.

For one, if you didn’t want kids why did you have unprotected sex!!

For two, I wish Gon had a father figure on the island so he wouldn’t care about Ging but alas then we wouldn’t have this awesome adventure to watch if that was so. Hmph.

Back to cute and adorable heart warming things, Killua is the first friend Gon has had. Again, this was a surprise to me. I’d assumed he’d had other friends but nope! That island is a childless fisherman hot spot. That explains why Killua is precious to Gon. They really were destined to meet.

Killua, however, doesn’t really have a goal right now outside of not being an assassin. So he’s going to stay with Gon until he figures out what he wants to do. That’s fair and honestly makes sense. Plus Gon is more than happy with this arrangement so yay! They compliment each other well as well. The whole episode with Ging and the tape shows that.

Oh yeah, the crap he left behind so that Gon can find him, the ring, a cassette tape and a memory card that is for a video game called Greed Island. The next possible arc perhaps? Although it seems we’re going to have to go to Yorknew before we go to Greed Island.

Speaking of Yorknew that’s where we’re going to meet Kurapika and Leorio again. I wonder what they have been up to, especially Leorio as we haven’t seen much of him. But Kurapika, wow, he found his own nen teacher (I talk about nen in the below YT video) Mizuken and it turns out he’s a conjurer.

*side eyes* He just walked away from Mizuken. Is that how their relationship ended? Will we see him again? (The questions are rhetorical I’ll find out soon). But still I worry about how Kurapika’s quest for vengeance will end…

Ok! That is it for where I am at in Hunter x Hunter! I’ll be back when I’ve completed more arcs!! Mwahhahahahahahaha!!!!

The YT video on Heaven’s Arena as foretold:

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