Favourite Kpop Dancers: Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote about my favourite kpop dancers. I wasn’t sure if I would write a part two but more dancers popped up like voila! So I figured I’d write a part two.

So these are my favourite dancers, therefore this list is biased. If you don’t see your favourite dancer it doesn’t mean I think they suck it just means they’re not my favourite.

First up is Hyunjin!

He has taken me by storm. I didn’t expect it neither. Before I got to know Stray Kids I thought they were this super serious group and that their music videos were all connected. That turned out to be true, their videos are connected and they do have serious songs, but that is not all that there is to them.

They also have fun songs and have many talents.

So Hyunjin is handsome, but just like Stray Kids he is multifaceted. He’s handsome but also adorable, a rapper that can also sing and a great dancer.

You would expect him to dance in the style of hip hop predominately but I would say his dancing style corresponds more closely with contemporary dance.

His moves are fluid and he is able to express himself flawlessly with his facial expressions and with his body. It is hard to portray emotion with your body as well as your face but he manages to do that.

One dance I highly recommend checking out is his dance to When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. It’s beautiful.

He’s constantly working hard so I believe we still haven’t seen all Hyunjin has to offer.

Next is Jeno,

I love Jeno. He is definitely a skilled dancer.

The thing I hear the most about him is that his movements are big and that’s true his movements are big and he’s very good at doing powerful dances. Like Hyunjin he has complete control over his face so is able to express the emotions of the dance through his face very easily, even on command (like when he did at a radio interview even though he wasn’t actually dancing).

However what isn’t often talked about is how Jeno can also be subtle. He is able to do delicate movements as well as powerful ones. If you watch him long enough you’ll see how graceful and fluid he can be in his dancing.

He can also do any concept. He said this himself about NCT Dream and I think that’s true. I’ve watched them pull off cute, sexy, rebel and angry teen. There’s even a clip where Jeno goes from smiling as if butter would melt to angry teen for their song Go.

He truly is a duality king.

I’m glad he’s getting recognised for his skills and not just his face these days.

Now for some female dancers, Seungyeon.

I love her style of dancing. She knows how to be sexy. She knows how to deliver, to whip her hair, to be sassy and playful. Her dance style is fun and full of life. I find myself learning CLC dances because of her. My favourite is Black Dress when she gets the dance break. I watched so many stages just for that dance break.

She isn’t just sexy however, she’s a good choreographer. Not all dancers are choreographers and that is fine but Seungyeon does both and I think that’s a great skill. In 2019 she even did a video a month of dances either she choreographed or someone from their company choreographed. I suggest you check them out starting with: Monthly Choreography Video #12 Trampoline/ SHAED.

She truly loves dance and you can see and feel that when watching her.

Another choreographer is Sua (Bora) from Dreamcatcher.

She also has a lot of videos out on their channel (Dreamcatcher) of dances she’s choreographed. My favourite being the dance she made to Taki Taki with JiU and Yoohyeon.

Oh! She even did a collaboration with Seungyeon recently! It was a match made in heaven. Ever since I found out that Dreamcatcher and CLC are friends I’ve been waiting for them to collaborate, just think of the potential!

Like Seungyeon she is also sexy. She really owns that side of her and that skill she has to dance in a sexy way. Given that we see so many dances that are sexy I imagine people think it’s the easiest way to dance but it’s not. For one, not everyone is sexy and for some people when they dance in a sexy way it comes across as awkward. That does not happen with Sua.

She is also a very powerful dancer. Female dancers in kpop rarely get to do the powerful dances the male dancers do but slowly that is changing, especially with the girl crush concept becoming so popular. So yes, not only is she sexy but she’s also powerful and hard hitting when she needs to be.

Next are my underrated dancers that I don’t think people pay that much attention to but are actually good dancers.

First is Jihyo.

She’s the leader of Twice and in general Twice has cute songs. However these days their sound is maturing.

Now, cute dances are not easy. Again, like sexy, if you do it wrong or you don’t get the vibe across it comes off as awkward or creepy. But with Twice it’s never like that, they pull off cute very well.

However when they started doing songs with a different sound, that was still very Twice just mature, I noticed how good of a dancer Jihyo is. She hits every move! She hits it with confidence and her own personal style.

It is honestly so hot. When someone is confidence and can deliver on their moves, *ding* it’s attractive. It’s also inspiring. She’s got me out here wanting to dance.

One time I was watching her fan cam and it was like she never stopped moving. Everything she did was part of the dance, even if she was just walking to her position.

She doesn’t just deliver in movement but in her facial expressions too.

Next is Yoohyeon.

I honestly thought she was part of the dance line in Dreamcatcher but when I read the comments I realised, oh she’s not. In the comments people were like, “Recognise her dance skills!” or “She should be in the dance line!” and I was like, “She’s not?”

That’s how good she is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her miss.

She can deliver on any concept but she’s best at being powerful and sexy, sometimes both at the same time.

There’s also a charm to the way she moves. She has her own style and it draws me in. She definitely catches my attention and the more I watch her the more I fall in love with her dancing.

Last but not least is Felix.

He is the most underrated in Stray Kids’ dance line. There are plenty of Hyunjin fans and Minho fans but not many Felix fans. When it comes to Felix people are mostly in love with his voice and that’s fine but he’s also a dancer.

In fact, wasn’t that what attracted him to be a kpop star?

So I would like Felix to become known for his dancing. It would be really cool if he got to do his own solo dance for Stray Kids…

He’s got a good eye and great attention to detail. You can see that in how he’s able to do dances of other groups perfectly. Normally when people do cover dances it’s boy groups doing girl group dances and vice versa. He is good at girl group dances but he can also do boy group dances just from watching. He does NCT Dream dances a lot so I think he’s a nctzen.

Not only does he pay attention to detail and have a good memory he’s also a powerful dancer. Hyunjin is fluid, Minho is sexy and hip hop whereas Felix is powerful. He can do really sharp and hard hitting movements to perfection.

Don’t sleep on Felix y’all.

6 thoughts on “Favourite Kpop Dancers: Part 2

  1. Hyunjin dances so well, especially in God’s Menu and Easy- he ate up that choreography! I don’t think Jeno is thaat subtle, but he’s a very powerful dancer, especially in the “Boom” dance break- he showcases his prowess and body control really well. Jihyo is one of TWICE’s best performers really- she has lots of energy, and her facial expressions are always on point! People always talk about Felix’s voice, but his dance always delivers!!! Oh yes, Felix is 100% an nctzen, he and Chenle are friends too!!<3

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