Best of Kpop | January 2021

I’ve decided that once a month I’ll talk about my favourite kpop comebacks of the previous month. I used to do this anyway in 2019 and then I stopped as I thought it was easier to just talk about songs as they came out once a week but I was wrong, this is easier.

Without further ado let’s get started.

Bobby – U Mad

He came out the gate swinging!! The rap goes hard from beginning to end.

The title of the song summarises the lyrics pretty well. His haters are mad and he’s like why you mad? Are you feeling salty? You wish you could be me but you can’t and so on and so forth.

It’s not just the lyrics that goes in, the MV doesn’t pull punches either. He pulled off an almost perfect mission. At one point it reminded me of Matrix Reloaded when Neo fights all the Smiths. They even pile on him like in the movie! I thought he was going to lose but nope, he jumped off the building, blowing it up as he went and flying away with his jet shoes.

The MV and the lyrics clearly show his attitude to his haters. Even as they beat on him and try to drag him down, he’ll never fail. They’ll never keep him down.

Epik High – Rosario and Based on a True Story

Another MV that had movie references would be Rosario. The one that stuck out to me the most was The Shining reference done by Mithra. I haven’t even watched The Shining and yet that scene is engraved in my mind.

I’ve also been enjoying fans interactions with Tablo on Twitter. They’ve been saying they’re going to forward the lyrics to their boss or ex or parents and Tablo’s has been like “No!” I get why he’s saying no because the lyrics go in! But I also can see why someone would want to send the lyrics… I kind of want to now.

My favourite lines are:

“If you weren’t around when I shed tears, You’d better not be around me when I’m smiling”

“I raised a set of stairs with the stones you threw.”

“When it pours, I’ll dance in the rain.”

Also it’s ironic when the lyrics are like, “Ain’t no one dying today” Tablo shoots Tukutz. That made me chuckle.

The music video is aesthetically pleasing, I love CL’s scene the most. She’s in a painting and in a room full of roses. The painting though, she’s a legend and so she’s put up for display in a painting (as people do with legends) but then the painting comes to life because CL ain’t done yet! She’s still got more legend business to attend to.

It’s a diss track but I like how clean it is. I don’t mean in terms of language because they do swear but more that they get to the point. They don’t beat around the bush and they don’t just stand there and boast about how rich they are or how better they are than everyone else. They just state facts about their achievements and move on. I like that.

Moving on to Based on a True Story … the most chilling words to hear before you watch a fictional murder mystery show or film and isn’t that what the music video feels like, a murder mystery? Am I the only one who gets those vibes?

Anyway the sentimental rap coupled with Heize’s beautiful gut wrenching singing makes for a good song. It’s sorrowful but peaceful at the same time. It really highlights how good they are at making break up songs. They capture the emotions perfectly.

Out of the two I think I like Rosario the best as it more of my vibe.

Next is one of my favourite solo artist…

Chungha – X (걸어온 길에 꽃밭 따윈 없었죠).

The lyrics have that ‘you had me but then you lost me’ type of energy. You must be kicking yourself now, she’s saying. I feel that. It reminds me of Ailee’s I’ll Show You but more sombre in tone.

In the MV she’s a peaceful giant that they are attacking instead of recruiting, she would make a great superhero, like Lady Mt.!!! Also did you see how she just dropped herself back on the ground at the end of the MV? That honestly made me laugh and was probably the only bad thing giant Chungha did but then again was it to show that she was done with her old self?

Also I found it fitting that in trying to destroy her they ended up destroying the city they were trying to ‘save’ from the peaceful giant.

Overall the melody is peaceful and I enjoy listening to it.

Last but not least is…

Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

So I did an album review for them on my channel and you can check that out at your own leisure. (Hopefully we’ll get a first win this comeback!!)

Thank you for reading!

What was your favourite comeback for January?

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