Does Age Matter? – Ponyo


For the most part this movie is cute. The characters are good and the love in it is very puppy love which is cute.

So, so far I think it’s cute!

I also love the cinematography, the way they animate the ocean and the underwater world and when the ocean takes over everything. I also love the way the lighthouse is animated and how they really capture the essence of home.

However, one thing I could not get on board with, she gives up her powers for puppy love? Sosuke is only five years old and I’m assuming Ponyo is around the same age in fish years (although what kind of fish she is, it isn’t clear).

How are they making such big and permanent decisions at age five?! Do you know who my crush was at that age? No and neither do I! I mean I remember him but I moved and we lost touch and I don’t remember his name. If we met now I would not know it was him.

It irks me when in movies little kids are in love and they make it out to be this end all, be all  love when they’re too young for that.

I get that there are people who marry their childhood sweethearts but that’s very rare and also do they truly know what they’re deciding?

Also who’s going to take care of Ponyo? Is her father going to rent a boat by the lighthouse? What’s their plan here?

This is what happens when you’re too controlling as a parent. She wanted freedom and to make friends and to have a crush and she saw only one way to do that because her father was so overbearing and using her to fulfil his own agenda.

Oh yeah Fujimoto pissed me off too.

I get it, the world is trash and we need to save the oceans (I’m not being sarcastic, we really do) but the way he treated his kids was not right. He created the problem he was trying to avoid.

I wouldn’t have had a problem if their love was platonic. I would have believed it was platonic with the potential for romance too until one of the last scenes where she kisses Sosuke. Then I threw my hands in the air like, “Really? They’re five!”

You know who gives an accurate portrayal of kids in love? Lion King.

This is why there are some movies you shouldn’t watch as an adult. Some things are better when you watch as a kid.

Anyway other things I thought: Ponyo’s mom was terrifying. Can you imagine seeing such a giant being whilst at sea? My friend, who can’t stand mermaids, would die of a heart attack. It doesn’t matter that she’s pretty, she’s terrifying!

Also is there really such a thing as ancient fish? That intrigued me. Most ancient fish I think of are the giant Jurassic kind but are there more kinds of ancient fish? If they make a movie on that I would definitely watch.

That’s it for my thoughts, what did you think of Ponyo?

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