Hidden Gem: Dreamcatcher – Break the Wall

This is such a gem from the Dystopia: Lose Myself album. I first learned of it the same way I learned of Sahara, that’s right they made another self-made music video!!

I love it because they act out the lyrics in puny ways and sure I don’t always get it but once I see the lyrics it always ties in so well and I end up loving the music video even more.

I love how the song starts with the singing through a megaphone effect. It adds to the song and it goes with the lyrics in the sense that they’re trying to reach as many people as possible with their message of hope.

Even before reading the translation listening to the song it spoke to me. I’d listen to it over and over again at night because it both soothed me and got to me. You can feel the emotions they’re trying to convey and the message they’re to tell you.

Siyeon’s voice when she’s like: 다시 일어나! After the second verse is just ugh *chef’s kiss*.

So what are the lyrics saying? They’re trying to lift up the person they’re singing to. They’re encouraging someone who has been down trodden who has had haters trying to bring them down to fight back for themselves. To stand up and to keep on moving and to not give up so that they may reach whatever goal they’re trying to reach no matter how big or small.

It’s a song that cries for you to live and to fight and to not give up. It cries for you to overcome your obstacles.

Honestly I love the song. It has become one of my favourites on the Lose Myself album. In fact thinking about it, it’s fitting that it’s on the Lose Myself album. You lost yourself and they’re like hey, wake up and find yourself.

Ah Dreamcatcher.

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