It’s Okay to Not be Okay – Review

This took me the longest time to finish. I started it around the time it was still in weekly episode format on Netflix and I’ve just finished it.

It honestly wasn’t my cup of tea at first and I couldn’t get into it but I was determined to finish the drama.

The thing that I did not like for most of the first half or rather the first third was the romance between Gang Tae and Mun Yeong. It was just toxic. She kept manipulating him and telling him he was hers and there was no genuine healthy connection on either of their parts. It reminded me of the drama Jealousy Incarnate.

Gang Tae had some issues and he was jumping into a romance having not sorted out his issues and Mun Yeong was possessive and saw him as a possession. That scene where she said, “I love you, I love you, I said I love you!” Was not romantic. She was trying to manipulate him into staying by saying what she thought he wanted to hear.

However, in the second and third, third of the drama it picked.

We got to focus on his relationship with Sang Tae and the patients of the hospital. Learning about the patients and seeing them overcome their obstacles was honestly one of the best parts of the drama for me. It was so rewarding.

I was rooting for them and I would have liked it if the drama had started with that because showing that it’s okay to not be okay and that mental illness is not taboo or a death sentence or something that should be hidden away but treated and cared for was the best message of the drama.

I also like that they showed there was nothing wrong with Sang Tae but rather there was something wrong with society that had a problem with him and wasn’t accommodating to him.

The relationship between Gang Tae and Sang Tae was so beautiful and complicated and real. It showed that they were brothers and that they’ve struggled.

Gang Tae struggled for independence and normalcy whilst Sang Tae struggled to be seen as an adult and to take care of Gang Tae and for his own independence.

They love each other but they also want to lead their own lives.

They find that by sorting out their issues together and overcoming their struggles together are they able to get what they both want. Going to that hospital to work was the best decision of Gang Tae and even though Ju Ri suggested it just because she liked him I’m still happy she did it.

I also loved how her relationship with Mun Yeong developed. They didn’t keep them as rivals and woman against each other but actually had them sort out their issues and grow as people.

That was a nice surprise because female friendships can be treated horribly.

So it started off rocky for me but it really picked up towards the middle and end and it was well written.

I have read that the ending was viewed by critics as weaker in terms of writing but I felt the opposite. They ended the story well, all the loose ends were neatly tied. It was so satisfying to gain all the answers to the questions we were given at the beginning of the drama.

It was well paced as well, nothing was revealed too soon or too late. Ugh, it was so satisfying!

And the acting, the acting was phenomenal! There were so many emotional scenes and the actors delivered on all of them!

Ok, this next section I’ll talk about things specifically meaning… SPOILERS. If you haven’t watched the drama, stop reading NOW!

The scene where Sang Tae talks about the one time he was let down by Gang Tae and Gang Tae’s reaction… that was emotional. Oh my goodness, I just, it gets me emotional thinking about.

Finding out that Sang Tae knew, that he knew all that time that Gang Tae had resented him at one point and was going to leave him but came back… oh it was so sad.

On the opposite end of emotions when Sang Tae takes Gang Tae to dinner and gives him allowance because he’s been saving up and it’s something that he’s always wanted to do. That melted my heart!

I can relate honestly. In the sense that I’m broke and I just long for the day when I can provide and give back to all the people that have helped me. I also long for that independence.

When they take the family portrait, that was another good moment (also Gang Tae looked mighty fine in that moment, he really suits a suit, *assumes sexy pose* hello). The way they both were so happy to see him *squishes own cheeks in happiness* wholesome!

Oh and the twist with Mun Yeong’s mother! Oh My Goodness!!

So I started to suspect the head nurse Haeng Ja, when she gave the book to Sang Tae. She gave the book to him right or am I tripping? I just checked I wasn’t tripping. That was a weird thing to do and the note she left, dodgy. They tired to play it off as if Park Ok Ran was the one who was Do Hui Jae but from that moment on I really suspected the nurse.

But then after that she didn’t really do anything suspicious. She stayed caring to the patients, at least it seemed that way.

But then the second suspicious thing was that she was quick to get rid of Ok Ran’s bed and place at the hospital. I thought it was fine but then the head doctor, Oh Ji Wang, was like, “Nah, don’t do that again”. Then I was like, hmm so she acted out of turn…why is she so quick to let go of Ok Ran? (Is Ok Ran dead? Did she kill her?)

Also Ok Ran didn’t do much to Mun Yeong and wasn’t that dangerous. She seemed weird and like she was acting. I figured that she wasn’t the one but someone was controlling her.


The next suspicious thing was her wanting to paint a butterfly on Sang Tae’s mural. That was odd, why did she want to do that? I mean why? Flowers don’t need butterflies, they need bees, that’s a true staple of flower life.

Actually, I found that weird of all of them to be honest so I didn’t really think this was a big red flag until later when it was revealed and I was like, “Oh!”

Another red flag that you may think I’m reaching for but honestly it set me off. She defended Yoo Sun Hae’s parents when the nurses were against them. Even Doctor Oh was not on the parents side and even told off the father. The fact that she defended them, it made me realise, there was something off with her.

But then when she was with Mun Yeong and Ko Dae Hwan, she didn’t slip once. When he was dying she just sat there with him comforting him. This is where I had my biggest doubts. Why was she being so nice, even when no one was around?

But her smile, the moment when Ok Ran snatched the book from her and gave her a paper cut (she killed her because of this didn’t she?). I started to find her smile weird. She smiled at the strangest moments and whenever she talked to people. It felt fake. When we first met her it didn’t but as time went on, it was off.

Then when we finally saw the mother’s old face it really resembled Haeng Ja’s face. So then I was like… she’s the mother for sure right?

And finally our questions were answered and she was the mother!

I only started picking up on it from episode ten but I’ve seen other fans talk about it and she showed her colours from episode one. You can see her shaping the story from there. It was so well done honestly.

Even though he was horrible to Mun Yeong I honestly felt bad for him that he died in distress with Hui Jae smiling down at him. She even said die well, the audacity. As messed up as he was he gained clarity at the end and truly worried for Mun Yeong. *sigh* What a tragic family.

Side note: how did she even survive that fall and being tossed in a river?! That’s the biggest plot hole honestly.

Also she killed Sang Tae and Gang Tae’s mother for that little of a reason?! Can you believe that!!! She put Sang Tae through hell, for that?

Imagine how horrible that must have been for him, to witness his mother being murdered and not able to talk about it. I just, wow. She must have been stalking them that night… ugh!

In the end she ended up being the  psychopath and not Mun Yeong. I know that the aim was for Mun Yeong to be the psychopath but she wasn’t.  She had problems but I don’t think it was psychopathy, that’s her mother’s problem. However Mun Yeong was damaged by a mother who tried to make her, her mini me.

The scene of confrontation was so frustrating but it made sense. Even though Gang Tae was a taekwondo fighter he still had a weak mind and his biggest weaknesses were his mother and his brother and she played them both against him. Although I still think if he wasn’t going to kill her he could have knocked her out. There are other options other than murder and being a pacifist. Just knock her out and take her to jail. You can take her.

I am glad however that Sang Tae was the one to do it. It was poetic! It was beautiful! It was glorious!!

I am mad about the fact that she took Sang Tae so easily in the first place, where were his body guards? They had one job! One!

In the end all three characters found peace and that was something beautiful to watch. I ended up liking the drama more when it ended than when I became it. So I’m glad I stuck with it and was stubborn about finishing it.

Honorary shout out to Jo Jae Soo!! I loved his character. He was an underrated MVP, just saying.

What were your thoughts on the drama? Did you see Do Hui Jae coming?

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