Dreamcatcher – Slow Jams

Dreamcatcher is known for rock but that is not all that they do. And no, I am not talking about their past as Minx.

They have some good ballads in their discography, in fact they have more than I thought they would so I complied a list of those songs so you can check them out too if you’re interested in hearing something slightly different from Dreamcatcher.

From their early mini albums is Lullaby and Emotion. Lullaby is from the single album Fall Asleep in the Mirror (dangerous to do according to their Goodnight title track mv) and Emotion is from Nightmare, again a single album.

Both songs are a big contrast from their title tracks. Lullaby is very different from Goodnight and Emotion is very different from Chase Me.


I really like Lullaby, it’s such a sweet song. They’re voices are soft and just… sweet. Yes, that is the adjective that sticks in my mind. They also have the piano as the main accompaniment which really adds to that vibe.

The lyrics lowkey give me The Little Mermaid vibes but the fairy tale version (as in the super sad version). It’s a bitter sweet song. They don’t want to leave but they have to in the morning. They want to stay by their side forever but it seems like they can’t. So it’s kind of like they’re watching them sleep, savouring the last moments before the sunrise.

This song also has a video on Happyface Entertainment’s channel. It’s the kind of mv where they sing aesthetically.

And There was No One Left

Another nice one is Which a Star from Nightmare: Escape the Era mini album, the same album as the title track You and I, a bomb track. It is very chill and easy listening.

From The End of Nightmare mini album a favourite emerges: And There was No One Left… yes that’s the whole title. I really like the vibe of this song. It’s not really a ballad but it is chill, slightly swing your hips music, which I like.

This one also has a sing aesthetically music video on the Happyface Entertainment channel.

The lyrics seem to be saying that they are trapped in a dream maze and they’re having trouble getting out. It’s like they’re on a foggy road and it’s dark and creepy but they’re trying to find someone. They’re seeking help from that person too.

Basically, help me escape this dream (nightmare) is what they’re saying.

Jazz Bar

Next is Jazz Bar, ooh this one, this one is so good! It does what it says on the tin, it’s a jazz song. It’s not lively though, it’s lowkey. It’s enough to get you moving your shoulders or dancing with someone but not enough to hype you up and doing the Charleston.

It has a nice vibe! Honestly, I loved this one on first listen. Not only can they do ballads, reggae (see last weeks post) but jazz too!

This song is from the Dystopia: Tree of Language full album. A very good album, definitely check it out.

As for the lyrics, they give me the impression that they’re at a jazz bar singing and someone comes in to listen to them sing and then they catch each other’s eyes and so the flirting begins. It’s a cute and flirtatious song when you look at the lyrics.

If you have a flirting playlist going perhaps add this one to the line-up.


Another one I like is from the same album and it’s Daybreak. I really like the beat it has going in the background even as the song remains relatively chill. Hmm I sense a pattern emerging *strokes chin*.

The title is Daybreak but it’s about the night. I can’t tell if they’re in love with the moon or a person. But whether it’s the moon or a person they’ll be in their arms during the night like a happy joey (a baby kangaroo) and they’re content in that state of cuddling. However daybreak always finds them, *shakes fist at the sun*… (not really I love you sun!)

Some more honourable mentions would be Daydream from The End of Nightmare and Dear from Dystopia: Lose Myself mini album and Polaris from Raid of Dream mini album. They are more typical ballad type songs and so if you’re looking for more ballads definitely check them out.

So that is it for the Dreamcatcher slow jams! Do you have a favourite Dreamcatcher slow song?

If not check out my list and you may find your new favourite.

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