Abolish the Paparazzi

So the whole free Britney thing has awakened in my mind my intense dislike for the paparazzi.

I used to love tabloid magazines. I was a very curious teenager so I would like reading about celebrities that I liked. However, one day I saw a photo of those who take the photos or a video and I was like, “Wait, is that how they get the photographs?”

Also I used to love watching daytime TV when I was home during a weekday and I loved watching Loose Women. I can’t remember why but they talked about tabloids and the negative side one time and it opened my eyes.

When you hear about it from a celebrity’s perspective it sounds so awful.

Plus there’s Princess Diana’s death. That was awful.

I wanted to become a journalist and so I thought celebrities and entertainment journalists helped each other, the celebrities provided stories and the journalists provided marketing.

However, tabloids don’t help celebrities they harass them.

It’s one thing to write an article about an actor’s new film or a review of an artist’s new album and it’s a whole nother thing to write an article about someone’s break up or taking pictures of them from below as they come out of cars so you can see their underwear or see if they’re not wearing underwear.

How is this news?

How is this helping celebrities?

The guy who harassed Britney Spears said he was helping her… how?

Did he talk about her singing? No. Was he raising awareness about her latest album? No. Was he raising awareness about her mental health and how she needed a break and showing that people should have left her alone? No.

He didn’t help her in any way, shape or form. But he did harm her, a lot.

It sickens me that there’s a tradition of trying to photograph women from below when they’re wearing skirts. If the women are not wearing underwear they blur it out in the publication but just think about the fact that those photographers have the copy without the censorship… how sickening!

It even sickens me that they only censor it because they know it’s illegal to show someone else’s nudity. If there were no laws against it I know they’d air those photos uncensored.

They get a lot of money for those photos and I just think they must really have to dehumanise the women and men they harass for them to be able to do the job they do.

Are they not people too? Would they like it if it was done to them?

The sad thing is it’s fans who give them the most business. Fans want to know about their celebrity’s life and love life and all that.

I mean like I said earlier even I was curious but finding out the truth behind the photos and the industry made me hate anything tabloid. Even if I’m curious I’ll mind my business.

I’d rather the celebrity tells the fans themselves when they want to rather than the tabloids doing it. And if the celebrity choses never to share then that is fine as well.

In kpop it’s the fans who do this the most actually. Wait, no, not the fans, they’re called anti-fans, sasaengs. They’re the ones who will stalk a celebrity and invade their privacy and most of the time they’re young (even though I’m sure there are some older sasaengs).


So keeping all that in mind, I’d love it if the paparazzi became extinct. I’d love it if we all boycotted tabloids magazines so that they have no business and the paparazzi will be forced to get new jobs.

I never wish unemployment on anyone, because I know how hard it is but on the paparazzi, I don’t care. Lose that job because it is awful.

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