Merlin: The Ending Though

So I watched Merlin the TV show when it came out. I was there every Saturday ready and waiting! I also watched the Robin Hood series by the BBC and I was so mad when they messed it up in season two. They had such a good formular! Why did they fly too close to the sun?!

So I hoped that Merlin would not do the same thing as Robin Hood and for a while it seemed like they were doing better.

We got a great progression of the Morgana story line, we even got Mordred! I loved how the introduced the Knights of the Round Table (Gwaine could get it) and Gaius was a cool new character.

I liked the addition of magic being banned and viewed as evil by King Uther and the dilemma that presented for Merlin and how he would overcome it with Arthur.

However, I was eventually disappointed. They wasted too much time with Uther, he should have died sooner. I mean why was he there for so long? Was I the only one waiting for Arthur to be king? I mean sure we knew that would mean Uther dying but I think we were all ready for that.

Then when he died he set the show back five steps because oh look it was because of evil magic! Like did no one think: “Hey perhaps there are good magicians and bad ones?” Or OR did they not think: “Hmm perhaps Uther got killed because he keeps killing anyone with magic regardless if they’re good or bad and even kills children”?

Anyway it was Arthur’s dad and no he does not think any of that and he stays hating magic all the way to the end.

It was so dissatisfying! He never found out about Merlin until they very end of the show, the literal last episode! I bet they even only added that at the end because the show got cancelled. When were they originally planning to reveal it? Seriously?

He never got to really know and see that Merlin had saved him countless times and was good. UGH!

And Morgana. I was waiting for her and Merlin, the real Merlin not the aged up version to come to blows. I was waiting for her to find out and for them to actually fight or talk, but mostly fight, I was waiting for a showdown.

I was so disappointed that he remained masked, so to speak.

Also the romance between Arthur and Gwen… I didn’t feel it. It was just… it lacked chemistry. The writing wasn’t bad or anything it was just missing something.

There are people who shipped Arthur and Merlin but to be honest when I was watching the show I never considered that. However, I did love their friendship. Which is why I was so sad that they didn’t do the reveal right.

So yeah Merlin was a good show, with great characters but they flopped the ending. In fact, the last two seasons were lacking and I think them dragging their heels to get to the good stuff may have been what got the show cancelled.

If they bring it back, given that the last episode ended in a way that it could be brought back I will watch the first seasons because you never know. They can do better.

3 thoughts on “Merlin: The Ending Though

  1. rumcher

    I loved Merlin so much! But they really did him dirty in that show.
    But Arthur himself eurgh, I cannot articulate how annoyed I was by him.
    And the Knights! Oooooh!

    Liked by 1 person

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