March Madness – Kpop of the Month

So I pretty much had March planned out in my head, as in I had this post planned out, and then bam! A comeback out of nowhere! So many groups and solo artists came out this month that I was not expecting and I was spoilt for choice. I also check out songs that aren’t official comebacks as you can find gems that way so yeah, March was busy.

So as usual I am going to talk about my favourites from kpop in the month of March. If your favourite is not on here we just have different music tastes so don’t get offended.

Right, so let’s get straight into it.

Jessi – What Kind of X

I’m starting out strong with Jessi.

I was not expecting her comeback to be honest, I thought she’d comeback later in the year but no, she has things to say and she has music to put out and she ain’t waiting.

It is a very bombastic song. It hits you in the face with its impact and so in a way it reminds me of Jessi.

Jessi also really delivered on the vocals. Most of the time people talk about her looks or her rapping ability but girl can sing. She’s got a powerful and stable voice and her singing is actually why I started to like her back when she was in Triple J. So I’m glad that this song showcased her vocals.

I really liked the rock element to the song as well. It felt like a blend of hip hop and rock, the electric guitar went off in the beginning and at the end of the verses.

In the lyrics she’s talking about how there’s nothing wrong with her being different and so get with the programme. She’s like, “You can’t judge me.” And she’s not going to sensor herself and not be herself to please others. She’s going to keep being vibrant.

I love that message. I love it when artists embrace themselves and decide to love themselves as they are.

WayV – Kickback

WayV, like Jessi, I did not expect to comeback so soon, even more so than Jessi in fact. They’ve just finished with NCT 2020 and to find out this mini album was done whilst they were doing NCT 2020… respect. Their work ethic though.

So I like the way the song begins and the interesting structure of the song. It wasn’t what I expected so it kept my attention as I listened to it.

I also like how the song ends on a dance break. That is rare as usually the dance break is in the middle or just before the last chorus where they take it higher and end explosively. I liked how they did it though, they sang and then they broke it down and then they left.

I really liked the music video too, shout out to whoever directed and edited it. I loved the collage effect at certain points and the way it was like the music video was going in reverse.

It reminded me of Go, NCT Dream’s music video, in terms of creative editing. Go is one of my favourite videos. Ooh and God’s Menu but that’s another story.

I talk about the rest of the album on my YT channel, check it out if you wish to.

Super Junior – House Party

This song, for me, had that old school kpop sound and that’s not a bad thing. That bright and happy sound that attracted a lot of us second gen fans.

I miss that sound honestly, I forgot that I did until I heard this song and then I felt like an old woman in my late twenties sitting there like, “Ah yes, I haven’t heard that sound in a very long time” *doing an impression of Obi Wan*

Apart from that it’s an ok song. I don’t love it and it’s not my favourite from March but I like it enough to put it on this list.

In terms of lyrics it is very suited to the times we are currently in. I mean in verse one they’re talking about having fun at home and in verse two they’re thinking about lowing it and going out and having fun and breaking the rules but then the break down happens and the song takes an abrupt shift in tone melodically and suddenly they’re like, “Don’t be selfish, sit your ass at home!”

It was so weird and so funny to me. The shift was so sudden and I did not see it coming at all! And then they go back to being all happy and la di da as the message has been delivered. I’m not sure those two parts of the song blended well together.

Perhaps they were trying to avoid being too preachy so they had those lyrics in the breakdown only.

This comeback though reminded of how Sungmin still can’t promote with them and honestly that pisses me off. They did a stage for U and it just felt wrong without him when he wasn’t the one who decided to leave but the fans because he dared to get married. I’ll never stop being mad about that, “fans” are holding Super Junior back.

Although, having said that, can’t Super Junior just buy the fans’ share back?

Rose – On the Ground

This was hotly anticipated by a lot of people. I am not going to lie and pretend to be a Blackpink fan. I’m not so I was neutral about her solo debut. However, I don’t live under a rock so I know enough about them to know her solo is a big deal given it was promised ages ago and has finally happened.

I was surprised that the song was entirely in English. I did not expect that at all. There are many Korean Americans and Korean Australians in the kpop industry and they rarely debut with songs in English.

Perhaps because Blackpink is in the American market as well so that’s why they decided to make the song in English or perhaps she’s just more comfortable singing in English. Whatever the reason it worked for the song.

I liked the visuals of the music video. In terms of cinematography it was pretty and artsy. It also felt kind of lonely.

It also had a very YG vibe. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a video and been like, “Ah, that’s YG.”

I like the lyrics too. She’s talking about how she’s been trying to get high but everything she needs is on the ground *cue music*.

As someone who is famous that’s a good message to send out as a lot of people envy her life or think it’s perfect but it’s not. Her life probably has ups and downs and she has reached  a level of fame she was probably aiming for but in the end what we need, as humans, is simple.

Things like love, family and happiness, these things you don’t need to soar high or search far and wide to find. They’re often closer than you think. I believe anyway.

I also like her other song, Gone.

Honourable Mentions

Rain ft Chungha with Why Don’t We, the collab I was not expect whatsoever! I liked it though. They matched each other well. Although, I did think it was cute when they danced together with their height differences. Chungha’s really moving though, imagine, a collab with Rain!

Speaking of, Chungha released a music video for her song Demente. I’ve already talked about that song in my album review so I won’t repeat what I said but I was not expecting a music video for that song and totally in Spanish?! Chungha!

CLC’s Sorn made her solo debut with the song Run. It was cute and I liked the music video. It felt organic and home made but not in a bad way. You know how kpop stars try to make videos that are self-made but you can tell they’re very choreographed and not self-made (not Dreamcatcher though and Stray Kids, they’re the kings and queens of self-made gold) this felt like that. She’s a good editor having done YT for a while and it felt like her. In every part of the video I got Sorn.

Stray Kids released two songs on their player and I loved both of them. There was Seungmin and Changbin with 조각 and Felix and Changbin with 좋으니까.

Felix finally made a debut on SKZ Record!  It’s such a sweet song too. They just want to be there for the person and to help them, to be their shoulder to lean on for no other reason than they like them. I also like how the YT video is structured like a texting thread (what’s more annoying? Receiving an essay from someone via text or getting the same message but broken down in short messages one after another?).

Last but not least is Park Bom ft Changmo with Do Re Mi Fa Sol. She came back at the very end of the month and I did not expect it at all. It’s good to see her making music. The music video is very wholesome.

Baekhyun – Bambi

He came for my soul with this song! He said girl I know you’ve been missing some RnB so let me break it down for you real quick and he did!

Can you believe he released this gold treasure chest and right before going to the military, just *touches heart* I’m so touched. I know he does this because he loves singing but I’m glad we get to enjoy listening to his hard work.

This song is sexy and smooth. I loved it on first listen and normally I don’t love slow jams. I’m very picky when it comes to slow jams and ballads but this one was the one for me, right off the bat.

I love the music video with the film noir vibes and Murder on the Orient Express vibes (yes I love murder mysteries).

Honestly the whole album was good. Again I did do an album review on my YT channel.

So that is it for the month of March. What were your favourites?

April is shaping up to be a crazy exciting month for me. NCT Dream is coming back, Exo apparently too they just dropped a teaser out of nowhere like it’s nothing!! How dare they.

Also Wheein, I haven’t talked about this often on here but I love Wheein. I love her style and I love her voice. She’s not hyped up enough for me, I mean have you heard Easy? Also Wendy, she’s already come out so I just have to listen to her album.

So yeah, April… I can’t wait!

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