Astrology – It’s Not One Dimensional!

A lot of the time I see people talking about how they will never date a leo because they, leos, are trash or they’ll never date a taurus.

Technically I’m not into astrology, as in I don’t practise it. I don’t read horoscopes and I’m not spiritual mostly because I am religious.

However, as I have mentioned before I am a curious person and when I get interested in something I tend to do a deep dive until I know everything. To be honest I would be an expert on astrology if I wasn’t religious.

So, I am gemini, take from that what you will. There is also the moon sign and the rising sign to consider (however if I share that I feel like you’ll know too much… actually no I’ll tell you I’m a virgo and pisces, guess which is which) when thinking about a person’s personality.

I wanted to understand the other star signs recently especially libras because I don’t get them at all so I decided to do a deep dive. I found out a lot but my biggest take away was there is a pro and con to every sign… every sign!!

This was also a lesson for me because I did not like leos or capricorns but reading the signs info I realised they both have good points. I then realised, oh hey, I have leo friends and we get along great!

Another sign I previously did not like was taurus but then I read about them and I realised, I actually like them. They have some good points.

There are signs that are more compatible and signs that are less so. This is true. But let me tell you, you can be friends with a compatible sign and still run into problems. You can date a compatible sign and still run into problems.

All relationships take work. It’s a daily struggle. One guy at church and my mom have both said (on separate occasions) you have to choose your spouse daily. You have to choose to be with them daily because, guess what, all people are annoying.

You will never date someone and not find them annoying. It’s just the love overrides that and so you stay.

Thus if both of you are willing you can make a relationship work with an incompatible sign. Sure, it’ll be work but like I said all relationships take work.

Also people love to demonise some signs and I’m like, but all signs have cons. All signs have weaknesses. There is no sign that is perfect and that’s the point. They’re not meant to show you who the best people are but rather how to understand people.

So yeah before you write a particular sign out of your life just think to yourself, why are you doing that? Is it because of a bad encounter? Is that bad encounter the sole representative for that sign? Do you not know any good examples from that sign? Perhaps that person was just a douche or rather they were out of balance.

In most personality based things they give you pros and cons and if a person leans more towards the cons they’re out of balance.

As it is said in Star Wars balance is key. The universe is saved when the force is at balance.

So before you write a whole sign off because of  bad people from that sign consider the fact that perhaps they were out of balance and were not indicative of all people born under that sign.

(I’m not sure if I used indicative right there)

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