Isaac – The Best Beta

Ah Teen Wolf, what a show.

Side note: why are teenagers played by adults? Are there no teen actors? People say labour laws and I’m like, then just follow the laws and make a good show that doesn’t exploit those teens. People also say then you can’t have sex scenes… fine! You can just say, “And they had sex,” without showing it. I mean shows like Degrassi exist and they’re able to tackle tough subjects without taking advantage of their actors (I assume).

I say all that because I found out after that some of the actors were fully grown, fully grown.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Isaac, the most beautiful man to ever exist.

Oh Isaac… can you tell I had a crush?

I wasn’t just in love with his looks though. It was his character that won me over as well.

In terms of storytelling season three was the best season. All the seasons, except season six, were good but season three was superior. We got Kira and the no kitsune, the darach storyline! Ooh, that whole season killed.

It was also Isaac’s best season. He really came into the role of Scott’s Best Beta in that season. Even though Liam came later on I will die on the hill that Isaac was the BEST beta… the best!

He was so loyal to Scott and it wasn’t forced. He genuinely wanted to be there for Scott because Scott was kind to him when others weren’t.

Isaac was introduced in season two and he was one of the characters turned by Derek when he was trying to make a pack. Isaac was abused by his father both physically and psychologically and when Derek turned him (into a werewolf) he was able to have the physical power to leave and to never take a beating.

However the psychological damage his father inflicted was not easy to erase. He needed more than magical powers to heal those wounds. That’s something that Derek didn’t really understand (I mean that one bit where he threw a bottle at Isaac… ouch).

Also Derek didn’t understand that between choosing to follow someone and having to follow them, people will always be more loyal to the ones they choose to follow.

I mean Derek did give them a choice, yes, but when the going got tough he wasn’t there for them. He wasn’t nurturing and he wasn’t the chattiest guy.

It’s fine to be quiet but if you’re a leader you’re going to have to talk to your followers and reassure them.

Scott was the opposite. He was an open person and always let them know what he was doing and what his plan was, even if he had no plan. He didn’t just expect them to always follow him either. He understood that they could leave at any time.

He was nurturing and he tried to help Isaac in the ways that he was helped when he first turned. He was also concerned about Isaac’s safety, something that surprised Isaac.

That must have spoken to Isaac because after season two man was as loyal as ever, it was like Derek who? I only know Scott.

*takes a break to watch some Scott and Isaac scenes*

I don’t ship them but I do value good friendships on shows. The same can be said for Derek and Scott but it’s not about them right now.

Side note: I loved Boyd too.. why did they both leave!!! *cries in banshee*

Okay I’m back!

There are people who ship them! There’s a ship for everyone I swear!

Where was I? Ah yes, Isaac being the best there ever was on Teen Wolf.

I found a clip where the other Derek pack mates were leaving and Isaac was like to Scott, “What should I do?” and Scott was like, “Why are you asking me?” And he was like, “Because I trust you.” Again Scott asks why and Isaac says it’s because Scott always seems to do the right thing.

I think that sums up why Isaac is so loyal to Scott. If the actor had not left the show then Isaac would 100% have followed Scott till death forced him not to or if Scott turned evil but Scott never turned evil so yeah Isaac would never have left.

Man I’d read a book or fanfiction where Isaac stays to be honest. It was a shame so many actors left that show because they really made such good characters.

It was interesting to me though that Scott let Isaac follow him. Scott isn’t about the whole ‘I’m an alpha so you must follow me’ life. Plus if he doesn’t like you, he won’t tolerate you in his pack.

Normally if an alpha doesn’t like someone it’s because they’re too weak but with Scott his number one reason for rejecting people was if they were a dick. The twins wanted to follow Scott after the alpha pack dissolved but Scott never accepted them, one because for a while they didn’t get that Scott did not like how mean they were and how they only thought of themselves and two because they actively hurt and tormented a lot of his friends.

Isaac on the other hand was an antagonist at first but they quickly found out that, that was not his nature. He’d just been hurt by his father and was seeking a safe space. He changed and left that antagonist life behind when he saw a better path and Scott saw that genuine nature in Isaac.

I love that.

I loved them.

I’m still sad he left the show early. However, like I said, if the characters were real and not actors then Isaac would not have left Scott. Also Scott and Kira would have been endgame but let me not rant about that (because I can rant, especially as it wasn’t the actress who wanted to leave… had no more storylines for her… hire me! I had ideas!).

Who was your favourite Teen Wolf beta?

2 thoughts on “Isaac – The Best Beta

  1. Isaac was my favourite too! I really love his character and the way it developed.

    The point about adults playing teenagers is way too true lmao, I never understood that and it seems like a major thing dominantly for American shows. But also shows like Teen Wolf which focused on school years for several seasons should’ve thought about the fact that even the actors who were cast when they were young (like Tyler and Dylan) got older while they were still cannonly in school in the show lol. Like, pack it up and get them out of school lol.

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    1. Right, I for one would have loved some grown and sexy Teen Wolf moments … it’s a shame there aren’t as many cool shows set in the college years


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