The Devastation of Suguru and Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

So Jujutsu Kaisen has wrecked me. It has utterly obliterated me!

I have never had a storyline get to me as much as the Suguru and Satoru storyline did. I mean Corazon was in the same region of pain but for some reason Suguru and Satoru make me so sad! Sadder than Corazon! How?!

What is this sorcery!! (heh… accidentally on purpose pun).

So this post will have SPOILERS… it will! So if you are not up to date with the manga then stop reading now!!

Honestly I can’t wait for the manga to be animated so that everyone can feel the pain that I am feeling. Or rather I also want to know other people’s thoughts.

Perhaps I’m just soft?

The manga I tend to read and the anime I tend to watch can get sad but they always pick you up at some point. They don’t typically stay in a dark place. Plus, I’ve always avoided the super dark manga/anime. The darkest I went before JJK was Demon Slayer.

So I’m not used to manga like this whereas a lot of the people I follow online are. They’re the opposite of me which I find fascinating.

So I wonder if someone who is a fan of Attack on Titans or another sad/dark anime/manga would find the storylines in JJK sad or dark.

Anyway Suguru. I did not expect that twist. I really thought Getou was Getou. I can’t believe he was fake… I mean… what?!

The mangaka did a good job though at revealing that plot twist. When Gojou was like who are you? I was like, “Did he forget?” But then he’s like “Yes my eyes see that you’re Getou but I know in my soul that you’re not so who are you?”

Wow I was speechless.

I thought those stitches were from how Gojou killed him. To think all that time it was Noritoshi Kamo!! Or Kenjaku as the Tengen called him.


Suguru started off so righteous and dedicated to the cause and it makes me think. All those words that he said, were they his words or were they what he was told. Were they what he was told to believe and how JJK sorcerers were described to him?

Is that why when he was going through his struggles that he chose the dark path? His dedication to being righteous was not that strong, he needed a stronger more personal reason to keep him on the light side.

He could have chosen another path but he didn’t and that makes me sad. If only he’d talked to Gojou, just once! In that year if only they’d talked once.

Imagine Gojou becoming all powerful separated them. I guess Getou needed Gojou more than he realised but did Gojou need him?

I always wonder why Gojou was mad. Was he mad because Getou did a bad thing or was he mad because Getou did it and didn’t tell him or warn him? Because Gojou is morally grey, so it’s not like he’s above it all. I wonder, but at the moment we don’t know (we may never know because the way fans talk about the mangaka, Gege, it seems like he’s content leaving their story there and not adding explanation) why he was mad. They didn’t say much to each other when they fought. Nothing of substance anyway. It didn’t make complete sense to me.

It’s like when a couple fights and they start mentioning things only they know and that they’ve only said to each other so you sit there like what?


Person A: But when you cut the pineapples you promised!

Person B: How dare you bring up pineapples at a time like this, you know my weakness!

A: But you overcame it, and then you promised! Why wouldn’t you tell me?

B: *sigh* You wouldn’t understand. I found a cherry and the cherry… it showed me things.

A: Cherry? You said…

B: Yeah I know… I guess this is goodbye *walks away*

A: *stands in shock*

*Bystander confused*  

It’s devasting that even after all that Getou did Gojou still considered him his best friend, his one and only. It’s like stab me in the heart it will hurt less.

I’m being dramatic but honestly the storyline did get to me. I thought learning about Suguru would make me understand him but still have him as a bad guy in my mind but instead I understood him.

I mean he did a horrible thing, lost and got killed by his best friend (and wasn’t even mad at his best friend!). Hasn’t he paid for his crimes by dying? Why not let him rest in peace?! I hate storylines when they bring back people.

Why didn’t Gojou cremate him? Like, that’s still respectful to his body right?

Will Gejou have a Toji moment, where he took over the body? But Toji was special. A true beast, man he is so cool. Sorry… off topic.

Also why did they make Gojou do it? How cruel of them. Or did Gojou want to do it as he was the only one who would be merciful?

Back to Getou, you could say he was depressed. As I said in my YouTube video perhaps he needed therapy. After what happened with the Star Plasma Vessel he needed help. But I go over that in detail in my video and about why I think his curse technique also pushed him over the edge.


They’ll, Suguru and Satoru, never have a happy ending but at this point I’m wondering, will any of them have a happy ending? Any of the characters? Will this story have a happy ending? Probably not.

This is what happens when you watch a series and then read the manga for man! I got into this series because Gojou looked hot and I had to know who he was.

Do you see!

Learn from me.

If you’re like me and are soft do not start a series just because the characters are hot. Always check with someone who’s watched it.

Although, to be fair, the anime hasn’t gotten to the dark place yet. So even if someone watched the anime and told you it was all good they would not be lying. The trick is to ask the manga readers, the nice ones who don’t spoil.

*deep sigh*

I don’t know when I’ll get over this.

PS: When I read the prequel and Satoru called Suguru his best friend and one and only and Suguru’s genuine happiness in seeing Satoru I was so confused because Suguru seemed so messed up … I get it now

PPS: I’ve been reading theory threads on Twitter and it has shown me once more how I am terrible at spotting details and also that I don’t understand the symbolism. Apparently there’s a lot of Buddhist and left/right eye/arm symbolism… *sigh* my head hurts. Also I don’t get Gojou’s abilities. I get six eyes but the red, blue and purple make no sense to me.

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