Another one! A World without Gojou – Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 147

Jujutsu Kaisen keeps getting worse and worse! (and I don’t mean in terms of writing).


Was Gojou the only thing holding the JJK world together? At least in Japan?

Was he the only reason they were even functioning?

What were they like before he became the greatest?

How many strings did he hold and keep intact?

I thought it was just people like Itadori and Yuta that he helped but man he even protected Yaga.

I mean I don’t know if he did intentionally but his mere presence stopped them from going after Yaga.

And why are they even going after him? It makes no sense to me. He’s powerful and can create self-thinking dolls. I mean, that’s creepy, but in their world that’s helpful and very useful.

Also aren’t curse techniques inherent to an individual? You can only do what your DNA says you can do, right?

So then why are they asking him how he did it? It’s not like they can replicate it? And they don’t know when another man like Yaga will be born. And if he can create an army wouldn’t you want someone like that on your side?

It’s so stupid!!

I swear the people of JJK world are so stupid!! Who are these higher ups? Line them up so I can slap them all one by one.

It made me so mad!

Honestly at this point, I truly believe that Kenjaku doesn’t have to do anything. He could just take a seat and eat some popcorn and the JJK world would crumble without Gojou there to fix it and help them.

Why even be a villain anymore? He’s succeeded just by imprisoning Gojou, he don’t need to do anything else. The higher ups will kill everything. They’re a disease!!

When I say if Gojou gets free and kills all the higher ups I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, I mean it. It’s like, why save them? After what they did to Yaga why save them?

I wasn’t even that attached to Yaga, I’m not going to lie. I also thought he was the one who issued the order against Gojou and Itadori as soon as Gojou was imprisoned. However, I’m starting to doubt that and even if he did, he didn’t deserve to go out like that.

He helped so many people and he looked cool. He had an interesting technique. We learn that he could do it more than once and then he dies straight away?!

Then Panda came and was so gracious because he’s the best being in that world, in terms of personality, let’s be honest. But then he was like, “Even pandas can cry” and I was like, bruh! *holds tears in* don’t!

I really hope Gakuganji really does get a curse from Yaga. Suffer!!!

*takes a deep breath*

This story is so depressing but I’m determined to finish it. Now that Yaga has died, someone I never thought would die, I’ve passed my limit. Nothing will shock me from now on, no one will survive.

Gojou will come out and he’ll find a bleak landscape of nothing.

Maybe Shigaraki Tomura should change worlds…

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